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In Just One Hour, Tim Can Have You Catching More Fish - GUARANTEED

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to catch your dream fish? Do you suffer lost fish, tackle failures, or simply struggle to ‘join all the dots’?

After nearly 50 years of intensive study and proven successes, Tim Simpson has the systems, the expertise and the teaching abilities to transform your success very rapidly.

With skills proven by records and consistent tournament wins, Tim’s insights will give you the success you dream of – NOW, not years in the future. This can save you not only the gut-wrenching heartbreak of bungled opportunities, but also the thousands of dollars that are regularly wasted.

What Others Say About Tim Simpson

As a long-time friend of Tim Simpson I can say without question his dedication and drive to get things done is second to none. From catching a world record on light line after many unsuccessful attempts, to writing a book which is considered by most to be the absolute bible of lure science, Tim has shown time and again he is a consummate professional of his craft. Tim has now created an online fishing school and no one in the industry is more capable of this feat. I will highly recommend it to all the anglers I know.

The love of fishing is found in different levels and it’s at the highest level that Tim is devoted to the sport. I applaud his efforts as I am certain it will be a great ride. After producing several episodes of television with Tim, he is great on camera and will be the perfect person in this role of online teaching.

Bill Boyce - Executive Producer / Host IGFA Anglers Digest

Just some of the game fishing topics that Tim can teach you include:

Tim Simpson Game Fishing Consultant
  • How to hook more marlin on lures
  • How to catch more tuna
  • How to catch more sharks
  • How to setup your thinking & your tackle to begin game fishing
  • Strategies to win game fishing tournaments
  • How to specifically target bigger fish
  • How to catch your own IGFA world record – quickly
  • Techniques to catch big fish with light tackle
  • Fish fighting strategies to win
  • How to book the right fishing charter for maximum results
  • What to take, and how to pack for a remote fishing trip
  • Better tackle choices
  • Better berley techniques for shark fishing
  • Better berley techniques for tuna fishing
  • Bait rigging know-how
  • Better fishing photography
  • How to use birds to find fish faster
  • How to use a flying gaff – easily – and how to wrap a leader
  • How to tag fish so you have a better chance of recapture

What Others Say About Tim Simpson

On 8 October 2012, Dr Pepperell wrote to the IGFA supporting Tim’s nomination for the position of IGFA Representative:

I have known Tim for over 30 years, and through all that time, his extraordinary enthusiasm for fishing and curiosity about fish have never waivered. From the early 1980s, when it was unfashionable to do so, Tim was an avid supporter of the Australian Gamefish Tagging Program and through his fishing club at the time, helped to demonstrate to his peers the importance of tag and release. During his lengthy involvement in the fishing tackle trade, he was a strong promoter of fishing education through books and magazines – a passion he has carried over to his editorship of the pre-eminent game fishing magazine in the world. Tim has spent countless hours in committee work with sport and game fishing clubs, (not least being the Future Directions Committee of the NSW Game Fishing Association, through which Tim worked with myself and Peter Goadby to benefit the sport of game fishing), and in representing anglers in dealing with Government at all levels. One thing that has always impressed me about Tim is his knowledge of the marine world. A fishing trip for Tim is not just about catching fish, but also about constantly observing everything around him – from seabirds to baitfish to plankton. Tim is a naturalist in the true sense of the word, and with his inquiring mind, is always testing my own understanding of fish and their environment. There is no doubt that Tim would make an excellent choice as an IGFA Representative for our region, and I know that if he is appointed, he will work tirelessly to further the aims of IGFA. Yours sincerely

Julian Pepperell B.Sc (hons), Ph.D – world-renowned gamefish expert

Or You Choose Your Own Topic

Tim Simpson Raise Your Game 778lb Bluefin Tuna

There are many other topics you might wish to discuss, or skills to learn, so please let us know your desires. 

Tim is very happy to teach anything within his skill set, and will let you know if something is not his expertise.

To find out if your topic is within Tim’s expertise, please Contact Us and we will confirm if Tim can coach you.

What Others Say About Tim Simpson

Hi Tim, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you briefly after yesterday’s session. I took copious notes – as my brother and I did at your marvellous talk last year. On a number of our fishing trips we’ve dipped into your wisdom – with great results! Again, lovely to meet you – cheers, Leigh.

Leigh Hatcher - one of Australia’s most respected TV journalists

Who is Tim Simpson?

Besides publishing the world-renowned BlueWater magazine, Tim Simpson is an international fishing and fishing tackle expert, author, public speaker and fishing educator on stage, film and TV. 

Tim has been awarded 7 IGFA world records, and has won many tournaments. He is a Representative for the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and an advisor to the IGFA’s Angling Rules Committee. 

Tim has also been an angling advisor to Fisheries Ministers in several Governments, as well as many fishing tackle businesses, and for ten years was on the Board of Trustees for The Billfish Foundation (TBF).

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What Others Say About Tim Simpson

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