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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 137

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Packed with spectacular big gamefish, this issue reveals the deadly effective lure style favoured by Hawaii’s masters, yet overlooked elsewhere – until now. You’ll also learn how and where to catch the mighty dogtooth tuna, and with Dr Pepperell’s detailed Indo-Pacific marlin ID guide you’ll find it easy to accurately identify each marlin species, even while they’re jumping.

Capt Steve Campbell then guides you through his marlin fighting technique, and you’ll discover the ocean’s mysterious Ekman Transport Effect. This issue also gives you two detailed boat tests and a lure review, plus a great recipe for swordfish and a whole lot more…

Teeth and Muscle


The Mighty Dogtooth

With the head of a dinosaur and the power of a Mack truck, dogtooth tuna are revered by all fortunate enough to have caught one. As new charter opportunities to fish seamounts open up throughout the Pacific, more anglers are discovering the mighty dogtooth. Fiji’s Capt Jaga Crossingham is an expert with huge doggies, revealing here his tactics and techniques to get you connected to the Pacific’s toughest sportfish.

Magic Bullets


When Sydney-based luremaker and pro deckie Nick Durham first visited Kona, Hawaii – the birthplace and Mecca of skirted lure trolling – his most important lesson was the deadly effectiveness of subtle bullet-headed lures for marlin. Outside of Hawaii, the bullet has been sadly overlooked as a serious marlin lure, but now the secret is out and things are going to change.


Niiyama ‘Magic Aku’

In the few months since its initial release, Jon Niiyama’s ‘Magic Aku’ has stunned members of the Hawaiian fleet with the consistent success of this realistic, bullet-headed skipjack tuna mimic. Particularly suitable for marlin and large tuna on heavy-tackle, this big lure is rapidly proving itself a winner, especially when skirted with Flashabou tinsel.


Run in equatorial waters by the Secretariat of the Pacific Commission, the Pacific Tuna Tagging program is one of the largest fish tagging projects in the world. Almost 79,000 recaptures have contributed enormously to our understanding of tuna biology, movement and growth, but reveal that few yellowfin or bigeye tuna stray from the equatorial stock.

Bluewater Gourmet Swordfish


Swordfish in brown butter

This recipe is simple to put together, and the sweet tomatoes play very well with the rich anchovy brown butter emulsion and the mild and clean flavour of the swordfish.

How to Identify Marlin


There are only three species of marlin in the entire Indo-Pacific, so one would think their identification should be straightforward. However, they are similar enough to cause quite a few problems. Dr Julian Pepperell helps to demystify your marlin ID with this step-by-step guide to foolproof identification, whether the fish is in the water or on the deck.


This summer has seen coastal waters along parts of New South Wales turn cold and green despite steady winds pushing the warm blue water of a strong East Australian Current down along the continental shelf. This strange occurrence is due to the Ekman Transport Effect.

Playing the Fish


CHAPTER 15: Playing the fish

Delivering the lessons recorded in meticulous detail over his lifetime as a successful charter captain, Steve Campbell’s classic book Blue Marlin Magic provides a treasury of insights that will boost the success of beginners and experts alike. This chapter offers Steve’s thoughts on fighting technique.


Out for a tiger

Fishing off Karratha in north Western Australia, the Hornhardt family set out on a mission to catch 10-year-old Jessica her first tiger shark. What unfolded was even better than they could have wished for.


Now in its fifth year, the Coast 2 Coast Tuna Tournament in Victor Harbor has evolved into the biggest tuna fishing competition in South Australia. Representing the Tuna Champions program, Dr Sean Tracey found it an excellent example of how a tournament can encourage anglers to adopt better fish handling techniques to enjoy more from their catch.



Grady-White Express 330

Grady-White’s Express 330 cabin combines serious fishing capability and offshore prowess with the amenities and comfort that let you enjoy time on the water with the whole family. Beautifully crafted and immaculately finished, this four-berth bridge-deck cabin cruiser delivers an outstandingly smooth ride plus spacious functionality and refined interior design. Powered with a pair of Yamaha’s new 425hp XTO Extreme Offshore V8 4-stroke outboards, Jeff Webster considers it the best in its class.


Seafarer Vagabond

Revered since Lindsay Fry’s original Seafarer release in 1996, the 6.2m Vagabond has since been updated under the current ownership of The Haines Group and is now even stronger with its X-Series hull. With its fold-down bimini top, cockpit side door, and options for either single or twin outboard power, this spacious trailerboat’s legendary reputation can only increase.

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