Shimano TCurve Rods

When Shimano first released its Ian Miller-designed TCurve game rod series back in 2003, it changed the way Australian anglers looked at off-the-rack game rods.

Shimano TCurve Rods

Suddenly we had access to factory-rolled game rods with the same features of a custom rod, but at a far more reasonable price.

The blank these rods are built on has a major bearing on how the rod performs. Shimano’s exclusive TCurve blanks make use of a proprietary resin formula and manufacturing process. The three-ply weave of the blank cloth is subjected to a unique curing procedure that creates a lively, dynamic blank with hidden reserves of power, yet without the brittleness otherwise associated with high modulus graphite. In turn, this makes for a stronger, more responsive rod.

The TCurve Revolution rod series includes a genuine 24kg spin rod, perfect for pitch-baiting livies at marlin and a host of other offshore species; and a 37kg trolling rod ideal for dealing with nasties like dogtooth tuna living close to the coral.

The new models feature Pacific Bay Zirconium guides and winch fittings; dense, well-shaped EVA grips; and the right amount of under- and over-binding to keep the weight down, the strength up and the actions lively.

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