Shimano TCurve Bluewater Rods

Significant advances in the design and technology of threadline reels has led to their expansion into the realm of offshore gamefishing.

Shimano TCurve BlueWater Rods

With reels like Shimano’s Stella series making it possible to fight large gamefish on spin tackle, there is a need for similarly high-quality spin rods to match. That’s where Shimano’s TCurve Bluewater range comes in.

Designed by master rod builder Ian Miller, the six models in the two-piece rod range were recently given a cosmetic tweak and an upgrade to Fuji K-series ‘Tangle Free’ guides with SiC inserts. These provide better line control and therefore greater casting distance when using gel-spun braids like Power Pro. The guides’ silicon carbide (SiC) inserts significantly reduce the friction and heat generated by fast-running fish. This greatly increases the life of your line, while also reducing the chance of a break-off due to friction (heat) damage.

The 2.36m Stickbait model is rated for PE3 to PE8 braided line, and casting weights of 50 to 150gm. The 2.44m GT Special is also rated for PE3 to PE8 braid, but casting weights of 100 to 250gm.

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