Shimano Switch-Bait Rods

Teasing a billfish to the transom before s witchbaiting it to a presentation you hand - feed them is about the most exciting, visual, in - you r - face game fishing method ever developed .

Shimano Ocea Switch Bait Rod Scaled

Advanced angler s have been using this technique with conventional tackle for years , and last year Shimano released a series of rods to specifically cater for the special demands of bait and switch fishing .

This year, the Ocea Switchbait series has been expanded to include two new rods in spin or overhead options for lighter 10 to 15kg line classes (or 20 to 40lb braid if you prefer). These new rods are perfect for switchbaiting striped marlin, small blacks, sailfish, or any other species that rises to your teasers. Rods are fitted with Fuji K-series ‘Tangle Free’ guides, with silicon carbide (SiC) inserts to minimise friction, marine-grade aluminium Alps reel seats with Delrin inserts, tubular graphite Slick Butts. All have been based on advanced TCurve TC4 blanks designed by master rod builder Ian Miller.

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