Shimano Ocea Switch Bait Rod

Shimano Switch-Bait rod series

Shimano Switch Bait Rods

Shimano has released a set of specialised rods specifically designed for switch-bait fishing with IGFA 24kg and 37kg line-classes.

Built on single-piece TC4 Toray blanks, these are extremely durable yet lightweight rods, with a crisp feel. These blanks are constructed with double inner layers of advanced T-Glass, then overwrapped with a spiral of high-modulus graphite to deliver high-performance rod actions.

Componentry in the series is matched to the demands of billfish fishing. It includes Fuji reelseats and carbon straight-butts married to an aluminium gimbal, plus substantial Winn leather foregrips for superb grip and comfort during the tough battles ahead. Beautifully wrapped with underbinding and metallic trims, these rods are also as attractive as they are functional.

The guides are Fuji K-series featuring Alconite inserts which provide an easy passage of knots and wind-on leaders. At the top is a premium-quality Fuji SiC tip with silicon carbide insert for near friction-free line movement during hot runs, significantly reducing heat build-up and line wear.

Each of the four options in Shimano’s new Switch-Bait rod series – 24kg spin, 24kg overhead, 24-37kg spin and a beefy 24-37kg overhead model – has a recommended retail price of $569.95. They are available now from tackle stores throughout Australia.

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