Shimano TwinPower SW Reels

Shimano’s Twin Power SW series of heavy-duty threadline reels feature the company’s proprietary Hagane Body and Hagane Gears, plus additional bearings to create a versatile casting, jigging, livebaiting, switch-baiting and chunk-drifting reel suitable for gamefish from kings to tuna to fun-size billfish.

Shimano Twin Power SW Reels

The TwinPower Saltwater series make use of three key engineering developments from Shimano.

The all-metal Hagane Body offers high rigidity and impact-resistance, and has all but eliminated body flexing. This gives you more cranking power under load and is backed up by the increased efficiency of the cold-forged Hagane Gears for better resilience and durability with reduced wear. The special X-Ship pinion gear is supported on both ends by SA-RB bearings for smoother operation whilst under the load of a big fish. Another 10 SA-RB bearings and a roller bearing deliver an exceptionally smooth winding experience, no matter how high the drag setting.

These versatile saltwater class threadlines have the gear ratios to go the distance, and the line capacities for serious gamefishing, especially when spooled with fine-diameter Power Pro braid. The use of braid is backed up by drag power up to 11kg in the 4000SWBXG, through to 25kg on the 14000SWBXG.

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