Shimano TwinPower Reels

Shimano TwinPower SW reel

Shimano Twin Power Reels

Shimano’s new TwinPower Saltwater range of heavy-duty offshore spin reels feature the company’s Hagane technology, along with an increased number of bearings and heavy drag capabilities, all of which makes them perfect for combat with saltwater bruisers like tuna, GTs, wahoo and kingfish.

The TwinPower Saltwater series makes use of three key engineering developments from Shimano. The all-metal Hagane Body offers high rigidity and impact resistance, but most importantly it almost eliminates flex from the body of the reel, which gives you more cranking power under load. This is backed up by the increased efficiency of the cold-forged Hagane Gears which reduce wear while increasing resilience and durability, prolonging the life of your reel. They also feature Shimano’s X-Ship gear system, where the pinion gear is supported on both ends by SA-RB bearings for smoother operation under the load.

An additional ten SA-RB bearings and a roller bearing also contribute to the exquisitely smooth winding experience, no matter how big the fish or how high the drag setting.

Shimano’s TwinPower Saltwater series is available in five sizes, with line capacities to suit from 10kg to 37kg braid.

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