Shimano Talica 2-Speed 50 Reel

Shimano’s ‘best ever’ reels

Shimano Talica 2 Speed 50 Reel

While Shimano’s Tiagra lever-drag series has set the benchmark for big game reels for more than a decade, Shimano’s own engineers say that the best reels they have ever made are the new Talica lightweight lever-drag series.

Particularly for use with braided lines, these immensely powerful reels have raised the bar for a castable, serious reel that is light enough to jig or hold all day. Now this revolutionary reel series has been enlarged with a new 50-size reel – extending the series into very big game territory. Large enough to gamefish with mono to at least 24kg line class, this reel will also fish braid lines to well over 60kg class. When fishing for reef brutes in hostile territory, this reel can really turn the odds in your favour!

With its pale gold spool, drag lever and handle, and silver frame and sideplates, the new Shimano Talica dual speed 50 is a very attractive reel. But while cosmetic features are great, it is the state-of-the-art internal engineering that makes this reel special.

The oversized High-Efficiency Gearing (HEG) of the 50 two-speed gives you two gear ratios to make cranking easier during different stages of your battle. The lower 1.7:1 ratio lets you keep deep, stubborn fish heading to the surface under heavy drag pressure. This makes the Talica 50 perfect for big tuna or for deep-dropping the offshore reefs with heavy braid. Then, switching to the high-speed gear of 3.8:1, combined with the diameter of the spool, gives you enough retrieve speed to keep up with wild surface runs from billfish or other speedsters.

The range of the waterproof carbon drag is immense – it’s possible to dial up 25 kilos of fish-stopping pressure if the situation warrants it, and the cold-forged aluminium spool is impervious to buckling or distortion.

The Talica two-speed 50 can be cast quite easily, making it ideal as a pitch-bait reel where getting a livie back quickly and away from the boat can be paramount to success. Six SA-RB (sealed, anti-rust) bearings means winding is a breeze, even when the reel is under heavy load, and they contribute to the reel’s casting ability.

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