Shimano Biomaster Reels

Shimano’s new Biomaster reels have been built to handle the rigours of the saltwater environment.

Shimano Biomaster Reels

The use of braided lines for offshore fishing has led to a re-assessment of what constitutes a bluewater reel.

As it is finer than equivalent breaking strain monofilament, you get more braid onto a spool, so smaller reels that are easier to hold for long periods are definitely an advantage.

While Shimano’s new Biomaster SW 6000HG and 8000PG threadlines aren’t that big in overall size, they are certainly big in bluewater performance. The SW letters in the Biomaster name stand for salt water, while HG is for high gear and PG is for power gear. Make no mistake, these are tough, rugged reels intended for use on some seriously big fish.

Hybrid bodies and aluminium rotors with EI surface treatment keep corrosion at bay and the weight down without compromising strength. Their high durability HD gearing is designed to handle maxed-out drag settings and stubborn fish. The presence of six S-ARB and an infinite anti-reverse bearing means both reels are super smooth to wind, even under pressure.

Aerowrap oscillation lays the line on neatly, an important feature when using braid, and combined with the AR-C spool management system, contributes to longer casts and no wind knots. Both reels are capable of fishing an incredible 13kg of drag, with the 6000HG taking 300m of 15kg Power Pro Braid, and the 8000PG 300m of 24kg.

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