Shimano Tiagra Ultra Line

Gamefishing demands a lot from a fishing line and Shimano's Tiagra Ultra Gamefishing line delivers

Shimano Tiagra Ultra Line

It will be stretched and stressed for long periods at a time, and can often be subjected to burning temperatures over friction-heated line guides.

To cope with this abuse, you need a top quality line, such as Shimano’s new Tiagra Ultra gamefishing line.

Light blue in colour, the Tiagra Ultra is great for presenting baits to wary predators, particularly important when livebaiting or cubing for sharp-eyed albacore, yellowfin and bluefin tuna that often baulk at fluoro main lines.

Tiagra Ultra has low stretch, is IGFA rated to test just under the stated line class, and is available in 8, 10, 15, 24 and 37kg breaking strains on 1000 metre spools. It is also quite thin in comparison to many other brands, which means you can squeeze a bit more line on your reel’s spool. This also results in less water friction when a hot fish takes a lot of line out in a hurry.

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