Shimano Tiagra Hyper Gamefishing Line

Shimano’s new Tiagra Hyper gamefishing line has been formulated from premium Japanese nylon monofilament that combines high abrasion resistance with optimal stretch.

Shimano's Tiagra Hyper Gamefishing Line

This gives you the toughness to survive a big fish’s sudden dive beneath the transom, and also the shock-absorption to prevent breaks-offs due to drag spikes, violent jerks or high-speed jumps.

Tiagra Hyper gamefishing line is IGFA-rated for 15kg, 24kg and 37kg line classes. It is available in Invisible Clear Blue and High Visibility Fluorescent Yellow on 1000 metre spools. The 15kg and 24kg breaking strains are also available on bulk spools – perfect for top-shotting to keep your reel filled to the brim with fresh line.

Available from all good tackle stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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