Shimano Ocea EX8 Braid Line

Shimano’s constant pursuit of excellence has given birth to a remarkable new standard in gel-spun polyethylene braided line.

Shimano Ocea Ex8 Braid Line

Their Ocea EX8 braid has been designed from the highest quality Dyneema fibres and woven with Shimano’s tuff cross construction process to create a super-silky eight-strand PE line that is incredibly thin for its strength.

This enables you to cast further or fish the depths more easily, slicing through currents while at the same time offering greater feel and sensitivity. With less than 1% elongation under load, Shimano’s Ocea EX8 PE line ensures that whatever happens at the far end is transmitted to your hands in an instant.

Ocea EX8 offer specialised benefits for specific fishing situations. For jigging you’ll find the colour-coded markers enable you to easily match your lure depth with the school or structure showing on the sounder, keeping you in the strike zone longer. And when popper-casting you’ll know the distance of your cast and the area where that missed strike came from – enabling you to get back there fast and connect.

Your line capacity and casting efficiency is greatly increased by this braid’s fine and smooth construction, and since Ocea EX8 braid sets a new standard for diameter-to-strength ratios, Shimano offers spool lengths up to 600 metres in the larger breaking strains to ensure you’ve got more line and less backing when that monster fish turns up.

You’ll find Ocea EX8 braid in nominal breaking strengths from 20lb (PE 1) to 150lb (PE 10) at quality tackle stores throughout Australia.

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