Shimano Kairiki SX8 Braid Line

Smooth, supple and sensitive, Shimano’s new Kairiki SX8 braid is an eight-carrier gel-spun polyethylene braid with a special finish that reduces friction over your rod guides, casts further and slips through the water with reduced resistance and thrumming.

Shimano Kairiki Sx8 Braid Line

This last feature makes it particularly effective for trolling deep-diving lures, as with less vibration it is stealthier, giving you more strikes.

Before braiding, the raw material for Shimano’s Kairiki SX8 braid first undergoes an exclusive process that enhances abrasion resistance. The line is then able to be braided with less friction, retaining more of its integrity and making it a tougher line for use in punishing terrain. Sensitivity has been increased by reducing stretch and elongation, making it ideal for work over deep reefs as you’ll still have control and be able to feel what is going on at the business end.

Originally designed for Shimano’s Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), this PE braid is well behaved on a spinning reel spool, laying evenly and with less propensity to throw off annoying wind knots when casting.

Shimano’s Kairiki SX8 braid is available in 11 breaking strains from 6 to 80lb, with sizes from 20lb and above on 300 metre spools.

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