Shimano’s Tiagra Leader Monofilament

Whether fishing with lures, trolled baits or livebaits, the leader you use plays a crucial role in your success and should be chosen with great care.

Shimano's Tiagra Leader Monofilament

Not only does it provide crucial protection against chaf ing and break age from wear on teeth and scales, it also saves you from those end - game mishaps when the leader inadvertently brushes against the transom, and when the fish dives beneath the hull to scuff that vital connection on the keel or rudder.

Your leader also forms the final link to your hook, and so is the most visible element of your terminal tackle. If the leader is too visible it can easily spook a fish and turn it away in the final moments, robbing you of the hook-up you worked so hard to get. So the best leader is a blend of high abrasion resistance and low visibility.

Shimano’s new Tiagra Premium Nylon Mono Leader has been developed and manufactured in Japan to meet these stringent requirements. It is said to be 20-times tougher in abrasion resistance than standard nylon, and offers the very best in knot and crimp strength.

Available in sizes to suit light-tackle lure and livebait fishing, you’ll find handy hanks of Tiagra Premium Nylon Mono Leader in breaking strains from 20lb to 150lb at quality tackle stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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