Shimano Ocea Fluorocarbon Leader

Fluorocarbon leader material, like Shimano’s new EX Fluoro Ocea Leader, should provide a number of advantages when dealing with wary fish under challenging fishing conditions, such as crystal-clear water.

Shimano Ocea Fluorocarbon Leader

Ocea Leader material is thinner than the equivalent breaking strain in nylon, is highly abrasion resistant and doesn’t absorb water.

 It sinks faster, is clear in colour and, with its refractive index being pretty close to that of water, it has less shine and is therefore less visible to fish.

The physical structure of Ocea Leader is quite different too. It has a soft fluoro core for knot strength, a hard outer shell for abrasion resistance, as well as a fluorine coating over this to provide a smooth surface finish.

Shimano’s EX Fluoro Ocea Leader comes in 50m dispenser spools with a line retainer. It is available in many light breaking strains, plus 60, 80 and 100-pound breaking strains – suitable for livebaiting and cubing for tuna, dolphinfish, and other sensitive game species.

The EX Fluoro Ocea Leader is available from tackle stores throughout Australia.

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