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GREAT NEWS - BlueWater supporting Game Fishing

We all need some good news right now. Many of us are facing difficult times due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so Trish and I are stepping up to support you, our readers worldwide, and the game fishing community as a whole.

With trade on hold for much of the industry, including our advertising supporters, we have been forced to temporarily postpone our regular print & digital editions of BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing magazine.

Trish and I won’t have an income for the foreseeable future, but we realise that right now, more than ever, you and the industry need our support. So we’ve decided to keep going.

Introducing HOT BlueWater Gamefishing digital mini magazine

We’re now in production of a new digital mini-BlueWater magazine which we’ll provide FREE to everyone – and we plan to release a new edition every two weeks.

The mini-mag will be shorter, but it will come out three times more often, keeping you and the game fishing community connected, informed and inspired until the crisis passes and we can all resume our ‘usual’ way of life. At that point, you’ll continue to get our world-renowned magazine again.

The new fortnightly BlueWater mini magazine is titled ‘HOT BlueWater Gamefishing’ and throughout this time of hardship you’ll be able to download and keep each edition for free – and share it with friends.

HOT BlueWater Gamefishing will give you news, informative articles, a laugh with ‘Pirate’, and a full-length feature gem from our archive of back-issues.

You’ll also get the latest information from the IGFA and The Billfish Foundation, the latest in gamefish science from Dr Julian Pepperell, plus product reviews and more…

And as soon as the charter fleets resume fishing, you’ll also get reports from the best captains in hotspots around the world.

While the industry struggles, we’ll also include support for them too, keeping you informed about the best products and businesses.

As a strong supporter of our worldwide game fishing community, BlueWater’s aim is to keep everyone connected and informed, which inevitably will help our whole industry to survive.

Tim & Trish Simpson

To get your free editions of the fortnightly HOT BlueWater Gamefishing mini-mags, simply join our Free BlueWater Game Fishing members community where we will be uploading the mini mags as they get published ready for you to download and keep.

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For a limited time only the BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing Printed Subscription – Super Subscription Bundle Offer

BlueWater Magazine Super Subscription Bundle Offer

  • You get: 7 x issues of BlueWater magazine
    1-year subscription (Value: $90.93)
  • PLUS 1 x Pakula ‘Original’ series Lure
    Featuring Peter Pakula’s new UV2 additives and Lumo eye, you’ll receive either a ‘Mini Sprocket’, ‘Cockroach’ or ‘Phantom’ in assorted premium colours. These amazingly successful lures are from the very series that made Pakula a recognised world leader in game fishing lures. Suitable for tuna, marlin, dolphinfish and sailfish. (Value: $57.89)
  • PLUS 1 x box of 20 Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L2004 / L2004EL circle hooks
    – 5 each in sizes 7/0, 8/0, 9/0 and 10/0. These wickedly sharp non-offset circle hooks are endorsed by The Billfish Foundation as the preferred model for use in tournaments. In a stealthy platinum black saltwater finish, they are perfect for switch-baiting or livebaiting for marlin, sailfish, tuna and other game species. (Value: $26.95)
  • PLUS a BlueWater Medium Lure and Rigs Roll
    – 6 pockets of 38cm x 6cm in premium vinyl and quick-dry mesh with Velcro closures, together with heavy-duty quick-release buckles, strapping, stitching and carry handle. (Value: $39.95)
    * pictured lures not included
  • PLUS a BlueWater premium long peak game fishing cap with ‘Team BlueWater’ Logo
    new styling providing optimum shading, greater comfort, cooling fabric, built-in sweat band and sunglasses retainer, plus stitched marlin motif and premium adjustment buckle. (value $34.95)
  • PLUS 1 x BlueWater heavy duty ‘I play the Big Game’ boat/car sticker
    – 11cm x 4cm in premium vinyl for long life (value $4.95)
  • all delivered (Express Post) to anywhere in Australia for ONLY $149.95 YOU SAVE $105.67

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OR the BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing Printed Subscription Special Offer

BlueWater Magazine Printed Subscription Christmas Special OfferBlueWater special offer for Printed Magazine subscription –

  • offering a super price on a BlueWater 1-year (7 Issues) Printed subscription (value $90.93) plus
  • a BlueWater Medium Lure and Rigs Roll (value $39.95)
  • a BlueWater cap with ‘Team BlueWater’ Logo (value $29.95)
  • a BlueWater boat/car sticker 11cm x 4cm (value $4.95)
  • all delivered (Express Post) to anywhere in Australia for $119.95

** AUSTRALIA ONLY – For International orders please contact us

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