The Book of Lures by Tim Simpson and Ron Calcutt


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The Book Of Lures – by Tim Simpson and Ron Calcutt

Almost any lure will catch a fish eventually – but how long do you want to wait? Selecting the best one from the vast array of different choices can be bewildering. Until now.

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The Book Of Lures – by Tim Simpson and Ron Calcutt

This ground-breaking lure guide has been compiled by two of the most experienced experts in the field. After evaluating every imaginable fishing lure from around the globe, Tim Simpson and Ron Calcutt have successfully distilled millions of lures into 13 easy to understand fundamental styles and their unique features.

The Book of Lures explains how to select the very best lure to suit what you want to catch. You’ll learn how each lure works, the advantages each style can give you, how best to use them, and importantly, how to pick the difference between a deadly-effective lure and poor one that looks almost the same. This alone will save you a fortune in ‘dud’ lures and wasted fishing trips!

Many myths have developed about lures and fish. Here the authors cut through the misinformation and in a revolution of new knowledge you’ll learn the real story about what triggers fish to attack and how fish see, feel, hear and hunt underwater. This insight will give you an enormous advantage and result in more success while spending less of your time waiting and hoping.

To achieve the attack triggers that will catch you more fish, the roles of lure size, colour, speed, sound and design dynamics are revealed in detail. For catching fish around structure, the critical strike zone is also explained to make this a complete lure users guide to better fishing results.

If you read this book you will, without doubt, catch more fish.

This book explains in detail lure topics including:

  • Colour, shape, sound (with feeling), speed, depth, strength and more
  • Finding and targeting fish
  • A lure type for each situation – how to select the very best
  • Effects of lines and leaders
  • Specific lures for specific locations
  • Tying instructions for 13 essential knots, plus single-strand wire


  • Hard cover, with dust jacket
  • 321 pages, full-colour
  • First edition
  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.6 pounds)
  • Dimensions: 24 x 3 x 19cm (9.5 x 1.1 x 7.6 inches)


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