BlueWater DR PEPPERELL ON TUNA Deluxe Bundle 1


DR PEPPERELL ON TUNA – Deluxe Bundle 1

Selected for Dr Julian Pepperell’s best articles about Tuna, all these BlueWater treasures are yours for just $89.95 (saving you $41.65) – delivered free anywhere in Australia.

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BlueWater DR PEPPERELL ON TUNA – Deluxe Bundle 1


  • BlueWater issue 54
  • BlueWater issue 67
  • BlueWater issue 68
  • BlueWater issue 72
  • BlueWater issue 77


  • Box of Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp circle hooks
  • Large 6-pocket mesh BlueWater Lure Roll
  • BlueWater premium long-peak Gamefishing Cap
  • BlueWater car/boat vinyl sticker


  • FREE delivery anywhere in Australia

ALL for just $89.95

Issue 54


  • The Wanganella Banks is swarming with striped marlin
  • Kadavu Island in Fiji is a tropical game fishing paradise
  • Osprey Reef, way off Cairns, delivers world record and more
  • Light tackle fishing for southern bluefin and albacore
  • England’s historic Tunny Museum of Scarborough
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Three species of bluefin tuna
  • Bait-rigging Guide: How to rig a belly-strip
  • Classic Book: An American Angler in Australia – by Zane Grey
  • Hotspot Rundown: South West Rocks, Australia
  • Hotspot Rundown: Port Vila, Vanuatu


  • The benefits of Express-style gameboats
  • Cabo 48 flybridge gameboat
  • Rampage 38 Express
  • Wellcraft 360 Coastal
  • Glacier Bay 2670

Issue 67


  • How to catch big yellowfin tuna – Part 1
  • Amazing gamefish photography, even underwater
  • How to predict billfish bite periods
  • Equipping a trailerboat for gamefish action
  • Catching a marlin from a kayak
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Yellowfin tuna
  • Hook-up with An Expert: How to turn billfish ‘lookers’ into feeders
  • Hook-up with An Expert: Can marlin survive with a bent bill?
  • Captain Profile: Capt Jill Gray (New Zealand)
  • Photography Guide – Part 3: Essential accessories
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Cookiecutter shark
  • Lure Review: Black Bart ‘Hawaiian Breakfast’
  • IGFA Rule Book: Use of different line for backing
  • Hotspot Rundown: Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
  • Classic Book: Rough Guide To New Zealand Big Game Fishing – by Alma Baker
  • Guide to repowering your boat – Part 2: Yanmar diesels


  • Riviera 48 Offshore Express
  • Grady-White 305 Express
  • Contender 21 Open and 23 Open

Issue 68


  • How to catch big yellowfin tuna – Part 2
  • Giant trevally techniques for success
  • Swordfish off Exmouth, Western Australia
  • Rabaul and the PNG Nationals tournament
  • Panama’s Golden Age of game fishing is now
  • How to get your kids involved in game fishing
  • Hook-up with An Expert: Rigging for giant trevally
  • Game Fishing How-to: Service a Shimano TLD reel
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Longtail tuna
  • Photography Guide – Part 4: Protect your equipment
  • Lure Review: Zacatak ‘Needy’
  • IGFA Rule Book: Swordfishing with power-assisted reels
  • Hotspot Rundown: Panama
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Whale shark
  • Classic Book: Big Game At Sea – by Charles Holder
  • Guide to repowering your boat – Part 3: Fuel savings
  • Guide to Pod Drives: Volvo IPS & CMD’s Zeus systems


  • Pirate 340 Sportcruz
  • Razerline Olympian 6.6 Centre Cab
  • Cabo 38 Express

Issue 72


  • Evidence of what really goes on beneath the surface
  • Tuna hotspots on Australia’s southeast coast
  • The world’s best blue marlin hotspots
  • Getting organised for trailerboat game fishing
  • Join a club to get more from your game fishing
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Bigeye tuna
  • History of Skirted Lures – Part 1: Capt George Parker
  • Classic Book: The Old Man and the Sea – by Ernest Hemmingway
  • Photography Guide – Part 8: Getting the shot
  • Lure Review: Legend Lures ‘Enki’
  • IGFA Rule Book: Protecting the line during a battle
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Crocodile shark
  • Rum Lines: Chasing our tails


  • Mustang 43 Sports Flybridge with Volvo IPS drives
  • Riviera 43 Offshore Express with Volvo IPS drives
  • Second-hand game boat buyers guide

Issue 77


  • How to release fish safely – for you and the fish
  • Capt Peter Bristow’s lure refinements for marlin
  • How to plan and travel to South Pacific fishing hotspots
  • Cairns giant black marlin season – 2009
  • Where and when to fish Australia’s NSW south coast
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Skipjack tuna
  • Product Review: Seakeeper gyro stabiliser
  • History of Skirted Lures – Part 6: Patented lures
  • Classic Book: Game Fish of the Pacific – by G Thomas
  • Lure Review: Hollowpoint ‘Tuna Speer’
  • IGFA Rule Book: Fish hooked on two lines
  • Hotspot Rundown: Rhyll – Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Slender tuna
  • Rum Lines: Bites, Camera, Action!


  • Cabo 40 flybridge gameboat with Zeus drives
  • Yellowfin 6700 with cabin
  • Australian Master Marine 7400 Weekender
  • Precision 50 customised flybridge gameboat
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