BlueWater DR PEPPERELL ON BILLFISH Deluxe Bundle 1



Selected for Dr Julian Pepperell’s best articles about Billfish, all these BlueWater treasures are yours for just $89.95 (saving you $41.65) – delivered free anywhere in Australia.

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BlueWater DR PEPPERELL ON BILLFISH – Deluxe Bundle 1


  • BlueWater issue 52
  • BlueWater issue 53
  • BlueWater issue 57
  • BlueWater issue 64
  • BlueWater issue 69


  • Box of Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp circle hooks
  • Large 6-pocket mesh BlueWater Lure Roll
  • BlueWater premium long-peak Gamefishing Cap
  • BlueWater car/boat vinyl sticker


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ALL for just $89.95

Issue 52


  • Lure rigging options from world experts
  • Wahoo and light-tackle records off Kadavu Island in Fiji
  • Catch more by learning the movements of ocean currents
  • Game Fishing Hotspot: Townsville, Australia
  • Dr Pepperell’s guide to billfish: How many species exist
  • Bait-rigging Guide: Use the ‘Pin-rig’ for garfish (ballyhoo)
  • Hotspot Rundown: Gold Coast, Australia


  • Pirate Sportfish – 33-foot flybridge gameboat
  • Viking 56 flybridge gameboat
  • Theodore Coastal 720 – 26-foot trailerboat

Issue 53


  • Huge dogtooth tuna in Australia’s Coral Sea off Cairns
  • Modern shark fishing – one of the greatest challenges
  • Lizard Island adventures with giant black marlin
  • Discovery of enormous Pacific bluefin tuna off New Zealand
  • Seabirds are your signposts in the sky
  • Cairns heavy-tackle marlin season 2005
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Blue marlin
  • Bait-rigging Guide: How to rig a skip-bait for marlin
  • Classic Book: Tunny Fishing – by L. Mitchell-Henry
  • Hotspot Rundown: Greenwell Point, NSW Australia
  • Hotspot Rundown: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


  • Cairns Custom Craft 8600 Caprice – 28-foot flybridge
  • Riviera 51 enclosed flybridge gameboat: Fascination II

Issue 57 (188-page special Cairns edition)


  • The fish that built a city: Richard Obach’s 1064lb black marlin
  • Alfred Glassell’s IGFA All Tackle World Record black marlin
  • The list of known 1000lb marlin weighed at Cairns
  • Guy Harvey swims with granders
  • 40 years of history in the Cairns marlin fishery
  • Cairns billfishing: early days and development
  • Granders force an evolution of tackle
  • Legends and lunatics of Cairns marlin fishing
  • Light-tackle record hunt for Cairns marlin
  • Grander marlin caught from trailerboat tinnies
  • Cairns Black Marlin Hall of Fame – inaugural inductees
  • The people and events that started the Cairns fishery
  • Australia’s biggest-ever black marlin
  • A day in the life of a Cairns charter captain
  • Game Fishing How-to: The case for not using wind-on leaders
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Black marlin
  • Classic Book: Game Fishing off the Australian Coast
  • Lure Review: Pakula ‘Smokin Jo’
  • Hotspot Rundown: Cairns, Australia / Mauritius


  • The evolution of boats in the Cairns marlin fleet
  • Precision 58 flybridge gameboat
  • Luhrs 36 Convertible
  • Haines Hunter Patriot 680

Issue 64


  • Swordfish: the ultimate challenge
  • How to ensure that your released fish survive
  • New Zealand’s giant Pacific bluefin
  • Light tackle game fishing: technical insights
  • Game fishing art – leaders in the field
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Broadbill swordfish
  • Bait-rigging Guide: Squid rig for swordfish
  • Trailerboat Game Fishing: Livebait tank set-up
  • Beginner’s Guide: Tackle necessities
  • Captain Profile: Capt John Gregory (New Zealand)
  • Lure Review: Pakula ‘Phantom’
  • Classic Book: Saltwater Fishing Tackle – by Harlan Major
  • Hotspot Rundown: Townsville, Queensland
  • Product Review: Powerdive underwater breathing systems
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Louvar


  • Maritimo 550 Offshore flybridge gameboat
  • Caribbean 24 Flybridge
  • Sailfish 770 Platinum

Issue 69


  • Use really big baits for really big marlin
  • How to find yellowfin tuna by their signs
  • When, where and how game fishing first started
  • Exmouth game fishing is almost too good to be true
  • John McIntyre’s IGFA World Record striped marlin
  • Don’t overlook these items for trailerboat gamefishing
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Spearfish
  • Captain Profile: Capt Laurie Wright (Cairns, Australia)
  • Photography Guide – Part 5: Controlling exposure
  • Lure Review: Marlin Magic ‘Medium Plunger’
  • IGFA Rule Book: Update to rule for hooks with lures
  • Hotspot Rundown: Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Saury
  • Classic Book: Profiles in Saltwater Angling – by George Reiger
  • Boat Review: Assegai Marine’s 60ft Amokura at eight years


  • Eureka 42 flybridge gameboat
  • Maritimo 500 Offshore Convertible
  • Sea Ray Amberjack 325
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