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BlueWater Issue 143

Bluewater Issue 143 Cover

BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 143

Dr Pepperell’s special feature article describes in crucial detail how water temperature determines where the gamefish will be found. Meteorologist Amanda Delaney then explains how to use satellite charts to pinpoint the action – and how weather can affect it. Another leading-edge feature reveals the techniques of Capt Brad Philipps’, the world’s most successful billfish captain with more than 38,000 releases!

You’ll also find a where-to and how-to guide to Australia’s south-east, a guide to livebait systems, a detailed boat test, an amazing recipe, an in-depth lure review, plus fishing predictions and a whole lot more…

Preparation Meets Opportunity


– The secrets to Capt Brad Philipps’ incredible success

With a tally rapidly approaching 40,000 billfish releases, Capt Brad Philipps has guided his clients to more sailfish and marlin than any other skipper in the history of the sport. Mark Hatter recently spent four days with Brad during a tournament in Guatemala, and the lessons he learnt aboard Decisive demonstrate the mastery behind Brad’s astounding success. Through this article, you too will know the secrets to Brad’s success.

A Matter of Degrees


– Temperature and gamefish distribution

Water temperature is a vital factor in the search for offshore gamefish, so knowing what to look for is essential. In this detailed article, Dr Julian Pepperell explains the complexities of how temperature influences where and when pelagic fish will be found, both at the surface and below. He also outlines how the remarkable physiology of some species gives them a broader hunting range.


– Australia’s still sensational south-east coas

As detailed in this special feature, Australia’s south-east coastline between Jervis Bay and Mallacoota produces some of the best game fishing in the world between late summer and early winter. Although some towns were devastated in the recent bushfires, they are now rebuilding and they need your tourism dollars to help them. So grab your tackle and do your part to assist the recovery by enjoying the outstanding game fishing on offer right now.


Charred blue mackerel with beetroot, sugar snap peas and horseradish creme fraiche

Some anglers might squirm at the thought of eating the bait, but the fact is that blue mackerel (aka slimies) are highly regarded as a food fish in many countries. Treated with care and prepared as Chef James Green describes here, you will be pleasantly surprised.


Moyes Lures: Blaster

Florida-based Andy Moyes and his Moyes Lures range may be currently unknown to many Aussies, but in the US they are extremely highly regarded. As Matt Gross discovered, his quality is exceptional, and his unique ‘Blaster’ offers great advantages for attracting big fish on medium-tackle.


Online satellite charts revealing the details of ocean currents are a huge breakthrough in the search to find gamefish. With accurate knowledge of where the fish are most likely to be found, you can save a great deal of time, fuel and money. However, as Meteorologist Amanda Delaney reveals here, to interpret the charts effectively you first need to know the factors you’re looking for.

Boat Test Seafarer Victory Hardtop

BOAT TEST: Seafarer Victory Hardtop

A new Victory for Seafarer

When The Haines Group gave their Seafarer ‘Victory’ a hardtop and an upgrade, they boosted a classic Australian offshore fishing boat to a new high in performance and comfort. John Ford has owned an earlier Victory for years, but was amazed when testing this new model. With Mercury’s 225Pro XS 4-stroke V8 outboard pushing it with startling power, this new rig proves a convenient and high-performance trailer-gamefisher.


– The always-deadly option

There are days when nothing but a livebait will pull a strike from a well-fed or wary gamefish. Livebaits induce more committed strikes and yield a higher hook-up rate, so it is worth preparing your boat to store them successfully. Jeff Webster reviews the systems that enable you to keep your livebaits alive and healthy, whether they are small baitfish or sizeable tuna.


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