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BlueWater Issue 136

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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 136

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World’s largest marlin in 45 years!

BlueWater issue 136 gives you the real story behind the 650kg (1433-pound) black marlin caught near Australia’s Fraser Island – exactly where and how it all went down, and why more are expected. Dr Pepperell also reveals the importance of this stunning capture: the likely missing link to a new marlin spawning aggregation.

You’ll also discover the world’s best hotspots for giant trevally, how to get more of your tagged tuna recaptured, and how climate change is affecting what species of gamefish you’ll find, and where and when you’ll catch them. Plus you get an in-depth boat review and a whole lot more…

BW136 Monster Black


Lady Musgrave’s black monster

The 650kg (1433-pound) black marlin recently caught by Rob Crane just north of Fraser Island has not only inspired anglers around the world, but also intrigued scientists with valuable new information. Although a dream catch for any angler, this one was no accident. In fact, it was carefully planned and carried out by a team of experts, as Captain Russell Gage reveals in this tell-all BlueWater exclusive.

BW136 Best GT Hotspots

Eight of the world’s best GT hotspots

PART 2: Kanton, EIAO Island, Seychelles and Komodo

Having whet your appetite for adventure and the challenge of the giant trevally in his last instalment, John Cahill and his GT-fanatic buddies complete their list of the world’s best hotspots for this brutally tough and explosively exciting reef-dweller.

BW136 Black Marlin Insights

Insights from Australia’s 650kg black marlin

Dr Julian Pepperell reveals the ground-breaking information likely to be gleaned from the recent capture of the second-largest black marlin ever caught in Australian waters, particularly since it seemed to be spawning at the time and yet was caught 1200km south of the known spawning grounds.

Consequences of climate change

Big-game anglers have long known about the connection between oceanographic features and gamefish catch rates, but this article by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority explores the impacts that the unusual oceanographic conditions due to climate change are likely to have on gamefish riding the East Australian Current.


Tuna Nicoise

A meal of fresh-caught tuna is a delicacy enjoyed even more when you’ve caught the fish yourself. Chef James Green shows how to transform your catch into a dish to be proud of.

The ins and outs of tagging tuna

Tagging ocean voyagers like southern bluefin tuna adds a fascinating bonus to your game fishing experience – where will your fish end up, and how big will it grow? Dr Sean Tracey, of the Tuna Champions program, explains how to get involved and how you can make your efforts more meaningful through ways to ensure most tuna survive, and by inserting the tags in a special way so they don’t fall out.

BW136 Smoke & Mirrors


Azure Custom Lures – ‘Psycho’

An excellent option when a large lure is needed for running on medium line-classes, the low-drag Psycho from New Zealand craftsman Grant Caill has also proven itself a winner in sloppy sea conditions, especially when trolled in the longer wake positions.


BW136 Boat Test Amm 7000


AMM 7000 Halo Offshore

Australian Master Marine (AMM) has produced first-class plate-alloy fishing boats for decades, but their stunning new 7000 Halo Offshore is perhaps their best boat ever. Coupled with Suzuki’s mighty 350hp V6 dual-propeller 4-stroke outboard, this well-designed and tricked-out centre-console makes an outstanding trailerable gamefishing boat, as Jeff Webster discovered.


POWER FOR PASSION: Yamaha’s 425hp outboard

With its unique fuel system and higher compression, a new electrical steering system including upgraded position-locking features, plus better manoeuvring, Yamaha’s new naturally aspirated 5.6-litre DOHC V8 XTO (Extreme Offshore) outboard offers an excellent power option for today’s larger game fishing craft.

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