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BlueWater Issue 135

BlueWater Issue 135 Cover

BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 135

ON SALE FROM: 13th December 2018

Packed with big game fishing action, this extra-large issue starts with an exclusive excerpt from the ground-breaking book ͚Blue Marlin Magic͛, then follows with special features on the different ways the moon affects fishing, how to predict weather, how to select the best engine oil and filters, how to improve the shelf-life and taste of your catch, plus four of the world͛s best hotspots to catch giant trevally. You’ll also find a detailed boat test, how a record marlin was caught off Cairns, how science aged a monster swordfish and is using fish DNA for amazing discoveries, plus a whole lot more in this edition of BlueWater.

Blue Marlin Magic


CHAPTER 12: Multiple hook-ups and bust-offs

Capt Steve Campbell’s groundbreaking tome Blue Marlin Magic has set a new standard for game fishing textbooks. In this exclusive excerpt we are proud to give you a sample of Steve’s intimate study of blue marlin behaviour and the techniques for maximising your hook-up and success rate.


PART 1: Oman, Tokara, PNG and Coral Sea

During those tense seconds as a giant trevally zeros-in on their surface lure, aficionados like John Cahill brace for impact, knowing the GT’s fearsome power as one of the most brutal opponents a lure-caster can hope to tangle with. No wonder they chase them at hotspots all around the world!

Sky Reading


The signs to predict weather

We’ve all been caught out in bad weather. Hopefully we just get wet, but at times it can have far more dangerous implications. Weather forecasts are important before heading offshore, but being aware of changing conditions – and knowing what those changes mean – is what will save you when that unexpected weather develops.


In-gene-ious advances in fisheries science and management

Today’s scientists are making some staggering advances, and some of those advances are going to help us catch more fish in the future. The Australian Fisheries Management Authority is tapping into the latest breakthroughs in DNA gene technology to determine a fascinating array of information that will help to map and manage species like tuna.

Gamefish and the Moon


Many factors can influence catch rates of pelagic fishes, including currents, temperature, bottom features and tides. One influence that everyone seems to have an opinion about is the phase of the moon, although such opinions on the topic rarely coincide. Dr Julian Pepperell delves into the science of the effects of the lunar cycle on catch rates, unravelling some of the mystery along the way.


Black marlin record on ultra-light

When Will Tomlinson set out off Cairns to break a world record armed with 4kg tackle, he knew he was in for a battle. That’s exactly what he got, although not quite the way he’d been expecting.


It’s the little things that matter

Southern bluefin tuna to more than 100kg have become regular catches from southwest Victoria to South Australia and Tasmania. With their exceptional eating qualities, bluefin of all sizes are a welcome catch, but many anglers do not realise how much better their tuna would taste and keep if they took the trouble to prepare and ice it properly. Dr Sean Tracey from the Tuna Champions initiative explains.


Northbank 750HT

For a large and yet still towable game fishing platform, the Aussie-made Northbank 750HT has a lot going for it. As John Ford discovered while punching into rough seas, this rig handles the rough extremely well, providing shelter and a smooth ride to get you out there and back home again safely. Fitted with twin Mercury outboards and extensive electronics, this is a very fast and very serious mobile gameboat.

Understanding Engine Oils and Filters


Every boater knows that engines need oil, but few understand the vital roles their oil is required to perform, nor how to achieve the best performance from their engine. Dennison Berwick explains how to extend the life of your engine and prevent the serious consequences that arise from compromising on oil quality or oil circulation.

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