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BlueWater Issue 133

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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 133

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Catching a spearfish is the elusive Holy Grail for many anglers, so in this issue of BlueWater you’ll discover both how and where to easily catch yours, as well as techniques to catch Australia’s mighty yellowtail kingfish. Dr Pepperell reveals the riches of the amazingly productive Kuroshio Current, and you’ll learn how Capt Roddy Hays pioneered some of the world’s greatest blue marlin hotspots while also developing a special range of lures and tackle. This issue also provides in-depth boat reviews on the Sea Fox 248 Commander and the classic Caribbean 2300, plus much more.

Spearfish How To


Spearfish may seem small in comparison to a blue marlin, but on appropriate tackle these mini billfish jump and run with exceptional speed, posing quite a challenge. A rare and highly prized catch through most of the game fishing world, spearfish are surprisingly common off Hawaii, where the skilled captains of Kona have developed lures and techniques for consistent success.

Catching The King


When it comes to sheer strength and tenacity, few fish can compare to the yellowtail kingfish. Al McGlashan reveals where to find them along Australia͛s south and east coasts, along with the tactics for success when pitted against these street brawling reef thugs.


Learning about a unique historic marlin fishery on a remote Japanese island was enough for Dr Julian Pepperell to pack his bags and head for that tiny dot on the map – smack in the middle of the Kuroshio current, the amazingly rich cobalt sea-wind of the north-eastern Pacific.

Rebuilding Southern Bluefin Tuna


Strong regulations and management have led to a significant rebound in the stock of southern bluefin tuna in recent years. Although anglers in southern Australia are now enjoying the best tuna fishing in many years, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) cautions that there is still more to be done and more abundance to be enjoyed.


Roddy Hays: Pioneer captain extraordinaire
An innovative and forward-thinking game fishing pioneer, Capt Roddy Hays has been responsible for developing not only some of the world͛s best giant blue marlin hotspots, but also a successful range of marlin lures and tackle. As Rick Pollock describes, Roddy was also one of the first to promote the marlin release ethos that has now been adopted worldwide.


Marlin Magic Lures – ‘Ruckus’
Coming from a luremaker with immaculate pedigree, the Marlin Magic Lures Ruckus has developed a legion of fans around the world, and with good reason. Besides accounting for millions of dollars in tournament wins, the Ruckus is a consistent blue marlin magnet worldwide.


Fishing two-up
Catching a big fish involves an angler on the rod and a skipper positioning the boat, so how then do you handle the tracing and gaffing or tagging operations when there’s just two of you aboard? Richard Abela outlines the system that makes it all work like a well-oiled machine.

Seafox 248 Commander


Sea Fox 248 Commander
The 248 Commander is the latest release from prominent US boat manufacturer Sea Fox. One of seven centre-console boats in their Commander series, this smart looking, well-appointed and easily trailerable model is something of a Goldilocks performer, combining just the right amount of family practicality with fishing functionality.

Carribean 2300


Caribbean 2300
Reinventing a long-proven hull originally designed by legendary naval architect C Raymond Hunt, Australia͛s International Marine have transformed their easily trailerable 7.05m Caribbean into a modern, outboard-powered hardtop game fishing weapon. With the form to cut through ugly seas and the functionality for serious game fishing, this rig is winner.

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