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BlueWater Boats & Sportsfishing

– Issue 130

On sale from: 22nd March 2018

You’ll be amazed by the diet of big ocean gamefish! Of course, knowing their favoured prey will help you to catch far more of them, so Dr Julian Pepperell reveals all in this issue. Boat designer Wayne Osborne also details the revolution promising to make fishing boats cheaper to run as well as far more functional. See the marathon battle of a lightweight lady against a marlin so big it almost tore her out of the boat. In this issue you also get a detailed user guide to deep-water echo sounders, an insider’s guide to an exceptional new game fishing reel, plus better ways to catch big blue marlin from trailerboats, and lots more.

Diets of Pelagic Predators

What’s on the menu?

Dr Julian Pepperell has peered into more than a few fish stomachs during his career. In this in-depth article, he details a major scientific study that examined more than 3500 fish stomachs from 10 species of pelagic predators to determine how much food each eats per day, how fast they digest their food, and the important role each species plays in the marine ecosystem.

A Day to Remember Trish's Marathon Blue


Trish’s marathon blue

When BlueWater’s Trish and Tim Simpson joined Capt Marlin Parker’s team for a day of social fishing off Kona, Hawaii, little did Trish suspect that she was in for the battle of her life. After hooking two blue marlin before mid-morning – one of them a potential heavy-tackle world record – Trish’s strength and tenacity was tested to breaking point.

Trailerboat blues

Blue marlin are the largest billfish available to most anglers, and surviving their blitzing initial run presents a formidable challenge. Ben Knaggs explains why open trailerboats offer a substantial advantage for blue marlin success, and details where Australian anglers can catch them from small trailerboats, plus the tackle, techniques and strategies required.

A Day to Remember World Record Swordfish


A world record swordfish

You never know what’s going to jump on when you put a bait in the water, and sometimes the result can be quite startling. Such was the case when Nicky Sinden and her film crew set out off New Zealand to record a TV show about tagging swordfish.


Reel Crankie – the swordfisherman’s saviour

Daytime deep-drop swordfishing requires you to set your bait down near the bottom in 400 to 800m of water – making it a very long wind back up just to check your bait or when you move locations. Thankfully there is a neat device that makes that all so much easier.

Improving a Gold Standard

Improving a gold standard

The development of Penn’s International VI-series reels

They may look similar, but all lever-drag gamefishing reels are far from equal. Their functionality ranges from lightweight pretenders to highly engineered heavyweights. Penn’s International series reels have been one of the world’s most trusted and highly regarded standards for more than 50 years, but even they were recently advanced with a significant overhaul – as revealed here by Eric Baisch, one of the engineers on Penn’s design team.

Black and Blue Marlin in Australia's ETBF

Black and blue marlin in Australia’s ETBF

As well as being a healthy form of outdoor recreation, good gamefishing generates jobs and income for coastal communities, so managing gamefish stocks to ensure their abundance is an important role of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority. It is also why they have banned commercial fishers from taking blue and black marlin.

SMOKE & MIRRORS JB Lures – ‘XL Willy Willy’


JB Lures – ‘XL Willy Willy’

Dave Venn of JB Lures created the largest size in his successful ‘Willy Willy’ series especially for the jumbos of the fish world. Suitable for heavy-tackle only, this serious-sized lure gives the impression of a small tuna freaking out on the surface – an irresistible temptation for a big blue marlin.


Sounding out the final frontier

Whether you’re chasing swordfish on the bottom, or simply the bottom structures that influence trolling out wide, you’re going to need an echo sounder with the capability to show clear details of the bottom in depths of up to 800 metres. BlueWater interviewed the experts at the leading electronics companies to bring you this guide to selecting and using the best deep-water sounders.

Revolution in Gamefishing Boat Design

A revolution in gamefishing boat design

And why, until now, you’ve been led astray

Wayne Osborne once created a revolution in fishing trailerboat design, then sold his thriving business and retired from the boatbuilding industry. Decades later he’s returned, appalled that the industry hasn’t advanced with the design and materials that he believes can greatly improve your fishing functionality while also slashing running costs. He’s now back on a mission to revolutionise the gamefishing boat industry once again.

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