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BlueWater Issue 129

BlueWater Issue 129 Cover

BlueWater Boats & Sportsfishing

– Issue 129

On sale from: 8th February 2018

Legendary captain Peter B Wright details how billfish feed, giving you insights that guarantee better hook-up success.

You’ll also discover how Australia’s first grander blue marlin was finally caught, plus the secrets to spectacular gamefish photography. Dr Pepperell reveals the giant gamefish even bigger than the world records, and the articles about dolphinfish and catching swordfish solo will amaze you.

You’ll learn how to choose the best trailerboat for gamefishing, and benefit from product reviews and loads more in BlueWater #129.

Australia's First Official Grander Blue Marlin

Australia’s first official grander blue marlin

The race to find and catch Australia’s first officially weighed ‘grander’ blue marlin has been a drawn-out and torturous affair, punctuated with heart-stopping near misses and tragic tales of loss.

Finally, on New Year’s Day 2018, a new chapter in Australia’s storied history has been written at the edge of the desert in Exmouth, Western Australia.

How Bill Fish Feed

How billfish feed

– and why you need dropback when using natural bait

To maximise your success with billfish on natural baits – whether rigged swimming or skipping baits, or livebaits – you first need to learn how billfish catch, kill and swallow their natural prey.

Captain Peter B Wright is a master with many thousands of days experience studying billfish feeding behaviour.

Here he details how it all goes down, and guides you on the art of the dropback.

Giants That Slipped Through The Cracks

The giants that slipped through the cracks

Record-keeping bodies such as the IGFA and GFAA maintain excellent records of the largest fish caught under their rules, but bigger fish are sometimes landed that are not eligible for records and so fly under the radar.

Dr Julian Pepperell tracks down the biggest of them all, regardless of the capture method.

Hunting Gamefish With Pixels

Hunting gamefish with pixels

With an adventurous spirit and a passion for getting in the face of raw gamefishing action, Jessica Haydahl Richardson is a talented lady forging new ground.

With camera in hand she’s captured the heart of the gamefishing experience, preserving those fleeting moments that so inspire and excite us.

Gamefish and International Fishery Management

Gamefish and international fishery management

The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) is responsible for the management of tuna, billfish and migratory sharks in an area ranging from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and mainland Asia in the west, to the Hawaiian Islands and French Polynesia in the east.

What happens in this commercial fishery affects what you catch while gamefishing.

Does Size Matter When Tagging Dolphinfish


How much does size matter when tagging dolphinfish?

Whether to help with scientific gamefish research or merely for tournament points, many of us tag and release our ‘spare’ dolphinfish, but do you realise that how you go about it and the size of the dolphinfish you tag will make an enormous difference to the success of your efforts. Don Hammond from the Dolphinfish Research Program explains.

One on One With a Gladiator


One-on-one with a gladiator

Although Andrew Hope is an experienced Kiwi angler with a string of excellent captures to his credit, taking on a broadbill swordfish single-handed posed a tricky and dangerous challenge.

The fact that Andrew was able to drive the boat, take photos and succeed with his capture is an amazing feat – and an experience that he will never forget.

Jennifer's Conversion


Jennifer’s conversion

What started out as a fear of billfish soon switched to a frustrated obsession.

Under the guidance of her loving husband, Jennifer Hunt’s conversion to a marlin fanatic proved a challenging, though moving experience.


Requirements for an Effective Half-cabin Gamefisher

Requirements for an effective half-cabin gamefisher

Cuddy- and half-cabin boats are very popular for trailerboat gamefishing, but what separates the great boats from the merely good?

Jeff Webster reviews the features that make cabin trailerboats particularly suitable for offshore fishing, and offers a handy checklist to help you find the most effective vehicle for your offshore big fish missions.

Formosa Tomahawk 740 Enclosed

Formosa Tomahawk 740 Enclosed

Formosa’s new 740 is a towable offshore fishing platform with loads of space, and the security and comfort of a fully enclosed cabin. John Ford reviews the first of these new models, fresh from the factory.

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