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BlueWater Issue 123

BlueWater Issue 123 March 2017

BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 123


  • Yellowfin tricks learned underwater at Ascension Island
  • How to catch big yellowfin tuna in the South Pacific
  • How well do billfish really see – Dr Pepperell reveals the science
  • Cape Verde Islands for world-class blue marlin action
  • Wedding anniversary in Fiji disrupted by swarming big yellowfin
  • Australia’s longline catch of yellowfin, and how it compares overseas
  • Bait-rigging Guide: Fish baits for deep-dropping for swordfish
  • A Day To Remember: Five blue marlin fishing solo from a trailerboat
  • Tackle Insight: The truth about fishing lines for game fishing
  • IGFA Rule Book: How strong can your backing line be?
  • Lure Review: BFD Big Game Lures ‘Vixen’


Grady-White Freedom 375

  • Stabicraft 2750 Centrecab

Catching a big tuna is a dream for many anglers, particularly as you then get a free feast of fresh sashimi!

In this issue, BlueWater details two experts’ insights into big yellowfin tuna, giving a treasure trove of sneaky tricks and locations to catch these wary predators.

This issue also provides a step-by-step guide to rigging baits for swordfish, and a remarkable feature by Dr Julian Pepperell revealing what marlin actually see underwater.

Then there are detailed boat tests, line and lure reviews, exciting new IGFA braid rules explained, amazing stories, blue marlin hotspots and much more.

It’s an issue that all offshore anglers simply must read!


Longlining Yellowfin

Australian longlining for yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna are highly-prized as both gamefish and delicacy.

The quantity harvested by longliners in Australian waters is a small fraction of the total Pacific Ocean catch and yet these tuna are fickle in their abundance for anglers, despite careful management.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde’s wild western blues

The Cape Verde islands off northwest Africa have gained an enviable reputation as one of the world’s best blue marlin hotspots during its March/April season.

It’s a long way from Australia, but a band of adventurous anglers made the trek last year to fish with a team of Aussie blue marlin pros from Exmouth who were also lured by the excellent fishing.

Sout Pacific Sickles

South Pacific sickles

The sight of a big yellowfin tuna’s streaming yellow sickle fins is something that inspires anglers throughout the Pacific, yet in many areas is far too rarely seen these days.

Capt Jaga Crossingham has enjoyed huge success with big yellowfin in his home waters of Fiji, and offers some advice on how to connect with them yourself.

Yellowfin Insights

Yellowfin insights from the edge of the world

While on the trip of a lifetime, Alistair McGlashan experienced a rare opportunity to film yellowfin tuna underwater while anglers in the boat above him tried to catch them.

The sights he witnessed and the skills he learned provide a treasury of insights that will certainly help you to catch more of these spectacular, though often wary, big tuna.

What Do Billfish See

What do billfish really see?

How good is the eyesight of billfish? Can they readily discern the colours of the rainbow? Can they also perhaps see ultraviolet light? How sharp or acute is their vision? Can they see in the dark?

How do billfish light-up, and why is this a good hunting tactic? Dr Julian Pepperell takes an in-depth look at the billfish eye, revealing the latest scientific information on this remarkable organ, while also giving a huge insight into what you need to do to catch more of them!

Day to Remember A


Five blue marlin in one day – solo!

For an angler to catch two blue marlin in a single day is a memorable feat, so imagine how Ben Knaggs felt after releasing five blue marlin before lunch, while fishing single-handed from his 5.5m trailerboat on the continental shelf edge off Exmouth!

Day to Remember B


Not a fishing trip

Neil Sinclair and his wife booked a romantic holiday to Fiji to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but when Neil squeezed-in a fishing day he found action that almost outshone the main event.

Smoke and Mirrors


BFD Big Game Lures – ‘Vixen’

With an enticing, flashy head insert that often includes rare-earth minerals, as well as a unique design innovation that increases performance, the ‘Vixen’, hand-made by BFD Big Game Lures in the USA, is a skirted lure with a look and action that demands attention.

Tackle Insights


The truth about gamefishing line

Whether nylon monofilament, braid or dacron, your fishing line is the vital and fragile link that keeps you connected to your fish – if you make the right selection.

While most fishing lines of the same type look similar, there are actually huge variations in their characteristics and performance. Understanding how they vary, and what you need, is fundamental to your gamefishing success.

Technically Speaking


Rigging swordfish baits – Part 2: Fish baits

When daytime deep-dropping for swordfish it’s a long haul to check your bait, so you need to rig it carefully to prevent line twist, survive the slashing strikes of a swordfish bill, and to maintain excellent hook presentation so you don’t miss your big chance.

Richard Abela continues his swordfish bait-rigging series with instructions for a perfect fish bait.


GW Freedom 375

Leading by design

Grady-White Freedom 375

Grady-White boats need little introduction to experienced anglers. This North Carolina, US-based fibreglass boat manufacturer has been producing first-class offshore sportfishing boats for decades.

In recent times, Grady-White has concentrated on expanding its dual-console boat range, culminating in the launch of its impressive flagship model Freedom 375, as reviewed here by Jeff Webster.

Stabicraft 2750 Centrecab

To the new frontier

Stabicraft 2750 Centrecab

Stabicraft’s latest model was developed in collaboration with New Zealand fishing personality Matt Watson, who infused years of gamefishing experience into the layout and design.

BlueWater was offered the first drive of the new 2750 to hit Australia and we found lots to like in this very desirable, 8.4m gamefishing trailerboat.


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