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BlueWater Issue 122

Bluewater Issue 122 February 2017

BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 122

Port Stephens, a world-class billfish hotspot, plus a revolutionary new technique for finding tuna are detailed in this issue of BlueWater magazine.

You’ll also learn all about a deadly teaser system, plus the best methods to catch marlin.

Dr Pepperell reveals amazing facts about baby billfish, Tim Simpson describes a world record that stood for 36 years, and boat buyers will love the in-depth reviews on two exciting new gamefishing boats.


The Baby Billfish Enigma

The baby billfish enigma

Most of the oceanic gamefishes produce huge numbers of eggs, so why is it that baby billfish seem to be rare, or at least are rarely encountered?

Dr Julian Pepperell explains this enigma, and in doing so outlines the importance of retaining and studying the babies of the billfish world.

Making Magic with a Dredge

Making magic with a dredge – Part 2

Leigh Tucker is an expert in the use of dredge teasers to dramatically increase tease-and-switch success with sailfish in her home waters of Florida.

In the second part of her revealing series, Leigh details how to set up and use your dredge. A must-have when fishing for sailfish, these teasers also hold enormous potential for any species hunting schooling baitfish – certainly striped and small black marlin around baitballs, and probably yellowfin and bluefin tuna, dolphinfish, yellowtail kingfish and many more as well

Perfect Port Stephens

Perfect Port Stephens

Port Stephens, a two-hour drive north of Sydney, is a picturesque harbour with great facilities for a family holiday.

But it’s the extraordinary numbers of marlin that draws anglers to this renowned hotspot. From February to April, the region’s bountiful striped and black marlin offer you some of the best fishing in the Southern Hemisphere, as Al McGlashan explains.

New Thinking for Finding Tuna

New thinking for finding tuna

Last season the NSW longline fleet caught a near-record catch of yellowfin tuna, yet the State’s entire recreational fleet barely saw one.

The explanation of how this happened reveals a new way of thinking and targeting gamefish – a game plan that can transform your results.

Using Seabirds to Find Gamefish

Using seabirds to find gamefish

Part 5: Gannets & Boobies

Gannets – also known as boobies – are one of the most important seabirds for finding gamefish as they feed on the larger schooling baitfish favoured by tuna and billfish.

Jon Norling continues his vital seabird series, including a helpful checklist to help you evaluate the gannets you see.

Catching Tuna Not Bycatch

Catching tuna, not bycatch

Longline techniques are constantly being refined to minimise the accidental hooking of non-target species.

Working with Australian longliners in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has been able to significantly reduce the impact on sharks, turtles and seabirds.

A Day to Remember


Baitcaster crazy

BlueWater Editor Tim Simpson describes a day when the fishing gods were smiling on him.

With a finale only minutes from disaster, the result was a world record that stood for nearly 36 years.

Welcome to the Big Game


Livebaiting for billfish

Livebaits are perhaps the ultimate temptation to offer a billfish, but they are only effective when rigged in the correct way and used in an appropriate area.

Master deckie, Ben Bright, details how to catch your livebaits, and the systems and situations that make them work with deadly effectiveness.

Smoke Mirrors


Bonze ‘Undertaker’

As a medium-tackle billfish lure, the Bonze ‘Undertaker’ is a beautiful and deadly quiet achiever.

This is Capt Bonze Fleet’s personal go-to lure for striped marlin, but as Matt Gross explains, it will certainly find admirers in the form of blue and black marlin as well.


AMM 7000 Tournament

AMM 7000 Tournament

For more than 20 years, Australian Master Marine has been at the forefront of plate-aluminium trailerboat design and construction.

This Brisbane-based, family-owned company manufactures fine-quality, custom cruisers and sportfishing craft from 4.5 to 10m in length, with their Tournament series being the heavy-duty, largely custom-outfitted hardtop fishing boats.

For this BlueWater review, Jeff Webster tests one of AMM’s most popular models, the Tournament 7000, paired with a Yamaha 300hp V6 4-stroke outboard.

Sea Fox 288 Commander

Sea Fox 288 Commander

The Sea Fox 288 Commander is a striking new bluewater centre-console with blistering 50-knot performance from a pair of Evinrude E-TEC G2 300hp outboards.

The Commander offers wide, open decks at both bow and stern, generous storage space and family-friendly seating, as well as a multi-function hardtop and helm station to cater for the latest in high-tech electronics.

With a sea-taming hull and a broad 2.9m beam, the Commander is an excellent mobile gamefishing craft.


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