Bluewater Boats & Game Fishing Issue 121


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BlueWater Issue 121

BlueWater Issue 121 December 2016

BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing - Issue 121

Whether newcomer or seasoned pro, your success with marlin this summer will certainly be transformed by this edition of BlueWater.

You’ll discover the world’s most effective teaser system, where and when to find more marlin off Australia’s east coast, plus a detailed, illustrated, easy-to-use guide explaining how to interpret Internet satellite charts.

This revelation is guaranteed to boost your success enormously, and will enable you to find and predict the exact location where the hottest action is happening!

Then you’ll enjoy the usual BlueWater boat test buyer’s guides, new product reviews, the latest news – and loads of incredibly spectacular photography all reproduced in amazing colour on top-quality high-gloss paper.

This must-have issue is a true winner for your holiday season!


Metal Eye in the Sky

The metal eye in the sky

Knowing exactly where the fish are likely to be found will save you countless hours and a great deal of money in wasted fuel.

Modern satellites scan the oceans daily, providing detailed information about the factors that influence where gamefish move and accumulate.

Companies like FishTrack provide services that help you easily assess that information to pinpoint each day’s gamefishing hotspots.

Charlie Levine reveals how to make it work for you.

Making Magic with a Dredge

Making magic with a dredge

Dredges are a heavily-weighted framework sporting strings of teasers, like a cluster of daisy-chains.

The effect represents a whole school of baitfish following your boat, exciting and attracting predators to right where you want them – beside your trolled baits, or just off the transom, ready for switchbaiting.

On the sailfish grounds of Guatemala these super-teasers are so effective they’ve been banned, and in Florida you’ll be left behind without one.

Leigh Tucker reveals America’s deadly weapon that will help you catch more gamefish.

Summer Marlin

This summer, catch more marlin!

Each summer, Australia’s east coast provides exceptional fishing for several species of marlin.

Alistair McGlashan details the options available, how to pinpoint where the action will occur, the strategies to fish them and ways to maximise your success with baitballs and livebaits.

With these expert insights, this summer you can enjoy your best billfish season ever!

Why gamefish tagging is still very necessary

Major tagging programs for gamefish have been in operation around the world for decades, and tag-and-release is now widely adopted and seen as an integral part of modern gamefishing. However, some question the value of continuing to release fish with conventional tags, thinking that we’ve probably already learned what these tags can reveal. To answer this, Dr Julian Pepperell reveals the big picture and confirms that considerable benefits continue to flow to both science and anglers from our ongoing tagging efforts.

Care for the Messengers

Care for the messengers

Seabirds are not only glorious sights while out fishing, they also serve as valuable messengers that help guide us to the gamefishing action.

With the stock of some species now dwindling, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has become a world leader in new systems to prevent seabird casualties from fishing operations such as longlining.

Yellowfin Hardtop 1

Yellowfin 6200 Hardtop

The new Yellowfin range of plate-alloy trailerboats from Quintrex are outstanding platforms for safe, practical and economical offshore gamefishing.

These tough, well-designed trailerable fishing craft are solid performers on the water and exceptionally well-priced.

The best value model is arguably the middle-sized 6200 Hardtop, as Jeff Webster discovered.

Voyager V625

Voyager V625 Sportsfish

With their V625 Sportsfish, Voyager has taken the twin-hull gamefishing trailerboat to a new level of refined design.

Together with Suzuki 4-stroke outboards this is a very economical rig with greatly improved ocean performance.

For cockpit space and the ability to handle rough seas or bar crossings, this is a boat to consider very seriously.


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