BlueWater BOAT SET-UP FOR GAME FISHING Deluxe Bundle 1



Selected for the best articles about setting-up your boat for game fishing, all these BlueWater treasures are yours for just $89.95 (saving you $41.65) – delivered free anywhere in Australia.

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BlueWater BOAT SET-UP FOR GAME FISHING – Deluxe Bundle 1


  • BlueWater issue 58
  • BlueWater issue 60
  • BlueWater issue 64
  • BlueWater issue 75
  • BlueWater issue 90


  • Box of Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp circle hooks
  • Large 6-pocket mesh BlueWater Lure Roll
  • BlueWater premium long-peak Gamefishing Cap
  • BlueWater car/boat vinyl sticker


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ALL for just $89.95

Issue 58


  • Peter Pakula’s guide to better rodholder positioning
  • What gamefish actually see – Dr Kerstin Fritsches reveals all
  • Southern bluefin tuna in Tasmania
  • Vanuatu Marlin Classic creates a better tournament format
  • Tricks for big yellowfin tuna off the NSW coast
  • Billfish Grand Slam from a 5.7m trailerboat
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Spanish mackerel
  • Game Fishing Hotspot: Penrhyn Island, Cook Islands
  • Classic Book: A World of Fishing – by Joe Brooks
  • Lure Review: Black Bart ‘Super ProJet’
  • Hotspot Rundown: Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • Hotspot Rundown: Port Macquarie, Australia


  • Viking 48 Convertible flybridge gameboat
  • Boston Whaler 210 Outrage
  • Cruise Craft 685

Issue 60


  • Using Velcro set-ups to organise your equipment
  • New techniques for catching dolphinfish
  • Trailerboat Paradise: South West Rocks, NSW, Australia
  • How to rig baits and achieve more success with circle hooks
  • Stickbait lures for surface action
  • New Zealand’s Three Kings Islands are not for the faint-hearted
  • History of the Swordfish & Tunny Club of Australia
  • Fish-fighting techniques for maximum pressure
  • Beginner’s Guide: Tying strong, reliable knots
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Dolphinfish
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Flying fish
  • Lure Review: Marlin Magic’s medium ‘Pear’
  • Classic Book: Fighting Fins – by Neil Illingworth
  • Hotspot Rundown: Merimbula, NSW


  • Hatteras 68 Convertible
  • Haines Hunter 600R Breeze
  • Trophy 2352 with diesel engine
  • Evolution Predator 650

Issue 64


  • Swordfish: the ultimate challenge
  • How to ensure that your released fish survive
  • New Zealand’s giant Pacific bluefin
  • Light tackle game fishing: technical insights
  • Game fishing art – leaders in the field
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Broadbill swordfish
  • Bait-rigging Guide: Squid rig for swordfish
  • Trailerboat Game Fishing: Livebait tank set-up
  • Beginner’s Guide: Tackle necessities
  • Captain Profile: Capt John Gregory (New Zealand)
  • Lure Review: Pakula ‘Phantom’
  • Classic Book: Saltwater Fishing Tackle – by Harlan Major
  • Hotspot Rundown: Townsville, Queensland
  • Product Review: Powerdive underwater breathing systems
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Louvar


  • Maritimo 550 Offshore flybridge gameboat
  • Caribbean 24 Flybridge
  • Sailfish 770 Platinum

Issue 75


  • Capt Bill Billson’s guide to tuna tower design
  • How Tim Simpson caught his world record wahoo on 4kg tackle
  • What really happens aboard a tuna and billfish longliner
  • Records fall as huge southern bluefin tuna reach Australia
  • 50 years of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Porbeagle shark
  • History of Skirted Lures – Part 4: Soft head lures
  • Lure Review: TopGun ‘Nightmare Ball Bearing’
  • IGFA Rule Book: Options when getting spooled
  • Product Review: BillfishJuice attractant tablets for lures
  • Book Review: Sharks and Rays of Australia – by CSIRO
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Daggertooth
  • Classic Book: Big Game Anglers’ Paradise – by Moise Kaplan
  • Rum Lines: Leave it to the experts – Never!


  • Boston Whaler 285 Conquest
  • Boston Whaler 280 Outrage
  • Formosa 580 Tomahawk Centre Cab

Issue 90


  • Cairns 2011 delivers plenty of giant black marlin action
  • Port Stephens inshore grounds for black and striped marlin
  • The phenomenally successful Bob and Dolly Dyer – Part 2
  • Dr Pepperell’s Prey Insights: Slimy (blue) mackerel
  • Lure Lore – Part 8: Sneaky leaders to catch wary tuna
  • Reel Review: Fin-Nor ‘Marquesa’ 2-speed lever-drag
  • IGFA Rule Book: Incorporating attractors on a lure leader
  • Product Review: AFTCO’s ‘RDT’ butt with built-in drag scale
  • Classic Book: Tales of Tahitian Waters – by Zane Grey
  • Lure Review: Black Bart ‘San Sal Candy’
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Phyllosoma larvae
  • Rum Lines: The day of the psycho marlin


  • Traps to avoid before importing a second-hand boat
  • Marine generators for boats – what you need to know
  • Vindicator 720
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