BlueWater BLUE MARLIN GAME FISHING Deluxe Bundle – 2


BLUE MARLIN – Deluxe Bundle 2
Selected for the best articles to boost your success with Blue Marlin, all these BlueWater treasures are yours for just $89.95 (saving you $41.65) – delivered free anywhere in Australia.

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BlueWater BLUE MARLIN – Deluxe Bundle 2


  • BlueWater issue 85
  • BlueWater issue 86
  • BlueWater issue 96
  • BlueWater issue 97
  • BlueWater issue 98


  • Box of Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp circle hooks
  • Large 6-pocket mesh BlueWater Lure Roll
  • BlueWater premium long-peak Gamefishing Cap
  • BlueWater car/boat vinyl sticker


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ALL for just $89.95

Issue 85


  • Capt Peter Bristow’s strategies for giant blue marlin – Part 1
  • Top-water lures and technique for huge yellowtail kingfish
  • The joys of chasing southern bluefin tuna with light tackle
  • Rowley Shoals for prolific sailfish off north Western Australia
  • Captain Profile: Capt Bob Jones (Cairns / Gold Coast, Australia)
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Amberjack
  • Beginners Guide: Tools and accessories for work in the cockpit
  • Book Review: Heavy Weather Boating
  • Lure Lore – Part 3: Do dolphinfish-coloured lures work?
  • IGFA Rule Book: Can you pass a rod in free-spool?
  • Classic Book: Fishing with Hemmingway and Glassell – by K. Farrington
  • Lure Review: Hollowpoint ‘Cabo DV8’
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Tripletail
  • Rum Lines: Lunatic Express


  • Luhrs 35 Convertible flybridge gameboat
  • Seafarer Voyager
  • Powercat 2900 Sports Fisherman

Issue 86


  • Capt Peter Bristow’s strategies for giant blue marlin – Part 2
  • The dangerous side of catching big, powerful gamefish
  • Al McGlashan caught underwater with a mako eating a marlin
  • Trailerboat sailfish and marlin off Broome, Western Australia
  • Captain Profile: Capt Ron Hamlin (Guatemala / Costa Rica)
  • Bait-rigging Guide: Garfish (ballyhoo) rigged with circle hooks
  • Dr Pepperell’s Gamefish Insights: Blue sharks
  • Lure Lore – Part 4: Stomach contents help select the best lure
  • IGFA Rule Book: Tandem hook rig for billfish flies
  • Classic Book: Women Can Fish – by Mrs Chisie Farrington
  • Lure Review: Frozen Tree Company ‘Scout’
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Pelagic stingray
  • Rum Lines: Mine! Mine! Mine!


  • Boat System: Paul Jindra’s Energy Conversion’s Combi VI unit
  • Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge gameboat
  • Formula Icon 54 – updated gameboat

Issue 96


  • Capt Peter Bristow’s strategies for battling huge blue marlin
  • Dr Julian Pepperell’s detailed guide to identifying marlin
  • More control and healthier releases using a bill-rope
  • Big action in Panama – how and why you need to fish there
  • How to prepare your trailerboat equipment for road trips
  • Captain Profile: Capt Peter Bristow (Madeira / Cairns)
  • Lure Lore – Part 14: Importance of lure skirting done well
  • IGFA Rule Book: Mini fighting chairs
  • Classic Book: Tight Lines – by Ralph Bandini
  • Lure Review: Bonze Lures ‘Pineapple Express’
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Crested bandfish
  • Rum Lines: Strange bedfellows


  • How and why to repower with new diesel engines
  • Assegai Marine’s custom 40ft flybridge gameboat: The Force

Issue 97


  • Cape Verde Islands for bountiful blue marlin
  • The next level: Sonar for advanced gamefish hunting
  • Magnificent mako sharks – a new perspective
  • Kiwis discover daytime deep-dropping for swordfish
  • Autumn options along Australia’s NSW South Coast
  • Dr Pepperell examines the colours of bluewater inhabitants
  • Trailerboat strategies to get you hooked-up faster
  • Lure Lore – Part 15: Arguments for and against eyes on lures
  • IGFA Rule Book: ‘Assist’ hook rig for hard-body diving lures
  • Classic Book: Fish Stories – by Dr Charles F. Holder
  • Lure Review: Hollowpoint ‘Buddha’
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Pennella parasite on marlin
  • Rum Lines: What lure is THAT?


  • Hatteras GT54 flybridge gameboat

Issue 98


  • Grander blue marlin from Tahiti’s poti marara boats
  • Madang in Papua New Guinea turns on the blue marlin
  • South Australia’s massive yellowtail kingfish
  • How and where to fish Australia’s NSW South Coast in winter
  • Dr Pepperell’s guide to identifying different species of tuna
  • How to set up your trailerboat for effective game fishing at night
  • Lure Lore – Part 16: How the lure’s face and hooks affect action
  • IGFA Rule Book: Using a device to set the hook
  • Classic Book: The Fisherman under the Southern Cross – by Romer Grey
  • Hotspot Rundown: Cape Verde Islands
  • Dr Pepperell’s Creatures of the Deep: Oceanic puffer fish
  • Rum Lines: Terror in the wild west


  • How to evaluate and buy a second-hand timber boat
  • Haines Hunter 680 Patriot
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