Best Outrigger Clips – R2 by Captain Ray Rosher


The world’s most versatile and best performing release clip ever made is the new patent-pending ‘R2’ outrigger and downrigger clip designed by Capt Ray Rosher and made in the USA. Unlike other clips, the R2’s unique ball-and-socket design turns the clip 90 degrees to follow the line pressure, achieving a downward-facing horizontal angle for the freest possible release.

Price per pair – including FREE delivery anywhere in Australia: $97.95

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With these clips you can troll with finesse on light tackle, or tow the largest of baits or lures for giant marlin. The clip’s tension adjustment ranges from virtually zero to more than 11kg, and the tension screw is made of high-strength polymer that won’t corrode or break, with a UNF 6-40 thread for the finest of adjustments. The tension screw is vibration-proof, so your setting won’t change.

The hand-polished, heavy-gauge 316 stainless-steel release arm makes it safe to run even light lines straight through the clip, without worrying about floss loops to prevent chaffing. This makes fine-tuning the position of your baits and lures faster and easier, and the arm provides abundant clearance for even large wind-on leader connections to easily pass through.

R2 Clips are supplied in mirrored pairs, to suit your port and starboard outriggers.

Price per pair – including FREE delivery anywhere in Australia: $97.95

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