Mercury Marine’s Command Thrust Outboard Motors

Mercury’s Command Thrust Outboards with Counter-Rotation Review

Issue 107 Mercury Marines Command Thrust Outboard Motors with Counter Rotation

Mercury’s exclusive Command Thrust FourStroke outboards – with counter-rotating models – have been warmly welcomed by boaties in both Australia and New Zealand.

The 90 and 115hp engines, part of Mercury’s amazing new range of mid-sized FourStrokes, are an outstanding high-thrust option for owners who need more muscle to move their boat.

Even better, these two high-thrust motors are available in counter-rotation models which make them perfect for twin-engine applications.

“Like all Mercury engines, the Command Thrust FourStrokes excel at what they do so we knew there would be eager buyers,” said Nicholas Webb, Mercury’s Director of Outboard Production for Australia, New Zealand, Pacific. “But we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the uptake. “When you combine the Command Thrust technology with the ability to fit larger and wider range of propellers plus counter-rotating models, which are ideal for twin-engine rigs, then the number of boats which can benefit is huge – in both commercial and recreational applications.”

A category exclusive, the Command Thrust FourStrokes combine a larger gearcase on a smaller base powerhead.

A larger 4.9 inch (12.5 cm) hydrodynamic torpedo with a specialised 2.38:1 gear ratio mean Command Thrust outboards are ideal for powering a wide variety of hulls.

Combined with a bigger diameter prop – like Mercury’s Enertia – the 90 and 115hp Command Thrust FourStrokes lift these heavier boats onto the plane more easily and hold them there at lower speeds without impacting the top end.

The bigger gearcase also creates a larger footprint in the water, providing more leverage and therefore greater control.

Mercury Marine’s new FourStroke outboards offer a brilliant combination of power and thrust.

The new FourStroke outboards have an unsurpassed fuel economy, extreme reliability and smooth, quiet operation – all in a lightweight, compact package.

Mercury’s command thrust outboards feature a 2.1-litre, four-cylinder, eight-valve, single-overhead-cam design

This delivers more torque and horsepower than competing engines, in a package that’s low profile and low weight.

The result is unmatched performance, reliability, handling and efficiency.

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