Mercury Marine Verado 350hp Outboard Motor

Issue 109 Mercury Marine Verado 350hp Outboard Motor

Mercury Verado 350hp outboard motors review

Built on Mercury’s proven FourStroke supercharged inline six-cylinder technology, the Verado 350 delivers amazing speed and overall performance without sacrificing durability and cruise fuel economy.

Weighing just 303kg, the Verado 350 is 43kg lighter than the nearest four-stroke competitor and operates on regular unleaded fuel, with Premium Unleaded recommended for full performance.

The Mercury Verado 350hp has exceptional torque across the operating range, creating a rocket-like holeshot and faster top-end speed.

The Verado 350’s new cold-air intake system is designed to collect cool, fresh air from outside the cowl and deliver it efficiently to the supercharger.

The Verado 350’s larger, straighter airflow path was engineered to create less-turbulent airflow.

The water-cooled supercharger delivers greater boost by utilising water from the engine cooling system to provide a cooling jacket around the supercharger.

Other features include the top cowl’s unique labyrinth design, a styled vented flywheel cover, optimised guide plates that maximise driver handling at high speeds, and Verado’s robust and proven 5.44-inch diameter gearcase.

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