Mercury Marine V6 4 Stroke And SeaPro Outboard Motors

Mercury V6 4-stroke and SeaPro Outboard Review

Mercury Marine has introduced a new family of V6 4-stroke outboards, with models in 175hp, 200hp and 225hp.

They’ve also expanded their SeaPro commercial line with a V6 200hp outboard.

The SeaPro V6 200hp outboard weighs 215kg and is the lightest in its class by more than 4.5kg.

Precision engineered throughout, all four are built on Mercury’s new 3.4‑litre V6 platform using a large displacement, naturally aspirated powerhead together with proven mid‑section and drive-system designs.

Issue 130 Mercury Marine V6 4 Stroke and Seapro Outboard Motors

The V6 4-stroke outboard motors boast Mercury’s best acceleration.

They also give 20% percent more torque than the closest four-cylinder competitor at cruise.

Fuel efficiency is also unmatched – calibrated to maximise fuel economy at cruise, the new platform yields an advantage of up to 15% compared to the closest four-cylinder competitor.

The 3.4L V6 outboards are exceptionally versatile, offering the option of mechanical or digital controls, hydraulic or power steering, and black or white cowls on 4-stroke-branded products, as well as a variety of accent panel colours.

The V6 4-stroke outboard motors include a top cowl service door which provides easy oil check and fill

Other innovations include a top cowl service door which provides easy oil check and fill, making routine maintenance easier than ever before.

They also feature an idle charge battery-management capability that protects against battery-drain while operating multiple electronic devices, and best-in-class net charging output of 20 Amp at 650 RPM.Their Adaptive Speed Control maintains RPM regardless of load or condition changes, improving your driving experience.

The SeaPro 200hp sports the company’s largest displacement in its class.

It’s also the lightest engine in its class and like all Mercury SeaPro outboard engines, it is built for durability and reliability and is calibrated for commercial usage.

Its Advanced Range Optimisation (ARO) calibration was developed by Mercury engineers to optimise cruise fuel economy so you can stay out on the water longer.

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