Mercury Marine’s New VesselView 703

Mercury Marine’s New VesselView Review

Mercury Marine’s new VesselView703 features a SolarMAX high-definition glass touchscreen, providing wide viewing angles, dimmable lighting and a glare-reducing coating which makes it easier to read your engine gauges in conditions from midday glare to blackest night.

A new WheelKey – which can be customised to your preferences – together with an expanded keypad give you total control of all functions.

Issue 128 Mercury Marines New VesselView 703

The VesselView703 can simultaneously display information for up-to four engines across more than thirty parameters.

These include fuel level, range, oil temperature and pressure, battery voltage, water depth and genset.

It can also be integrated with Simrad’s NSS Evo3 accessories, including radar, sonar transducers, fishfinder transducers, AIS, VHF, Sonic Hub/Fusion Link, C-Zone digital switching and more.

Mercury Marine’s VesselView703 unit includes built in WiFi and Bluetooth.

It also contains an Active Trim Control Pad, which when coupled with the ECU module will automatically trim your engine(s), improve engine performance, cut fuel costs, and give you a better overall driving experience.

With twice the memory of the previous model, the VV703 also has a more powerful dual-core processor so everything works faster and smoother, and you can do direct software updates when they become available. 

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