Mercury Marine Multi-Engine Electronic Controls System

Mercury’s multi-engine electronic controls review

With growing interest in powering larger vessels with multiple large-horsepower outboards, Mercury Marine has introduced a new suite of technology for controlling up to six outboard engines at once.
Issue 137 Mercury Marine Multi Engine Electronic Controls System

With a seven-inch or larger screen on Mercury’s VesselView user interface, you can see data and control all engines on the one screen.

The capabilities of the digital throttle and shift (DTS) controls include Shadow Mode, which uses two control levers to operate a triple-, quad-, five- or six-engine applications; or the Single-lever Mode, which allows for all engines to be operated from a single control lever.

Among other features, it also offers Troll Control, providing very precise low-speed control in 10rpm increments; Cruise Control, which is a precise rpm or speed controller; Dock Mode, which remaps remote control full-throttle response to 50 percent, allowing for more precise limited power for close-quarters manoeuvring.

Active Trim automatically provides the optimal trim angle based on speed.

The electronic steering provides a fully integrated autopilot.

The Joystick Piloting for Outboards give you a number of extremely helpful options for more effective game fishing offshore.

These capabilities include Skyhook, which is like anchoring without an anchor – in any depth of water.

This enables you to lock the vessel’s position and heading so you can drop baits or jigs over a reef, seamount or baitball.

The system also gives you Drifthook, which enables you to lock the vessel’s heading while still allowing it to drift; and Heading Adjust, which enables you to adjust the heading while the boat is engaged in Skyhook or Drifthook, in 1- and 10-degree increments.

Then there’s Bowhook, which enables you to lock the vessel’s position while still allowing the heading to swing on the wind and/or current.

Contact your local Mercury Marine dealer for more information on this system.

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