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Experience the best big game fishing travel adventures on the planet, guided by the world’s best experts

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A major big game fishing trip, particularly one to a famous hotspot on the far side of the world, generates a burning glow of excitement within you.

The travel is an adventure in itself, and often provides fascinating glimpses of other countries along the route. Such a trek is a small price to pay for the thrill of landing in a faraway land with a different landscape, different people, different culture, different foods – and some of the best big game fishing on the planet.

The many advantages of an arranged fishing trip with BlueWater:

Experienced Fishing Experts

The BlueWater trips tap into the magazine’s connections with the best charter captains around the world, and through these experts we’re able to fine-tune trips to coincide with the best fishing times at the very best locations. When you’re investing in a major trip you certainly don’t want to risk failure by missing the peak season or settling for a second-rate captain.

Hassle-Free Big Game Fishing

Offshore big game fishing as part of a BlueWater organised party offers many logistical advantages over making arrangements yourself. With arrangements all handled by our organising team, you are relieved of all the tedious planning and logistics. Dream-trip adventures become as easy as registering your interest, paying the fee and then turning up at the airport.

Bluewater Fishing Adventures cost savings

Save on Offshore Fishing Charters and Travel Costs

Fishing away from home usually requires chartering a boat and crew. This is an expensive exercise for a solo angler, whereas by joining an organised team, the cost is spread among several participants, perhaps reducing an individual’s daily boat price by 75 per cent. Shared accommodation (usually optional) will also significantly reduce the cost of your trip, as will sharing airport transfers and so on.

More Fun With Like-Minded Anglers

Your fun is enhanced by joining a group of like-minded, adventurous anglers.

Your whole experience is magnified through the swapping of stories, friendly rivalry and relaxing after a big day.

Great lasting friendships are kindled and we often find participants returning to fish on other BlueWater adventures with their new found friends.

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