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Using Gel-spun Polyethylene Lines As Backing


Using Gel-spun Polyethylene Lines as Backing

I use a combination of Spectra and Dacron backing on my reels. Is it acceptable for me to join these by tying bimini twists and looping them together?


Yes. Looping your backing together using some form of double line such as a bimini is acceptable to IGFA, provided that the loops are just large enough (a foot or two) to loop the two sections together.

Don’t forget, the IGFA rules, under Equipment Regulations – Line Backing, state:

  1. Backing not attached to the fishing line is permissible with no restrictions as to size or material.
  2. If the fishing line is attached to the backing, the catch shall be classified under the heavier of the two lines. The backing may not exceed the 130lb (60kg) line class and must be of a type of line approved for use in these angling rules.

IGFA Rule Book: Rules Explained:

Using Gel-spun Polyethylene Lines As Backing

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This question ran in ISSUE 67 of BlueWater magazine: JUNE / JULY 2008

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