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Using A Swivel To Connect Top-shot


Using a swivel to connect top-shot

My reels are filled with 37kg braided gel-spun line, but I like to connect that to a 150m length of 100lb nylon monofilament line. The braid is helpful to give much more capacity on the reels, and its thin diameter helps reduce water drag when a big fish takes a lot of line. However, the mono is easier for knots and rigging, and is tougher for the majority of abrasion while fishing. The 150m top-shot of 100lb mono also provides a good shock absorber when the fish are close to the boat. In front of the mono top-shot, I add a 29ft leader of 300lb mono.

I join the braid to the 100lb mono top-shot with a small, but strong, torpedo swivel. Is it IGFA legal to use a swivel to connect the braid and monofilament?


There is nothing in IGFA rules that precludes using a swivel of any type to connect backing to top-shots. Other methods include loop-to-loop and splicing. If the fishing line (top-shot) is attached to the backing, the catch shall be classified under the heavier of the two lines. The backing may not exceed the 60kg (130lb) line class and must be of a type of line approved for use in these angling rules.

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Using A Swivel To Connect Top-shot

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
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