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Two Strikes And You’re Out!


Two Strikes and You're Out!

If a fish takes two baits or lures, is it still eligible for an IGFA record or for point-scoring in an IGFA-sanctioned tournament (providing one line is cut off and the fish is only played on one line by one angler)?


If this fish were being submitted as a record we would have to reject it. IGFA rules explicitly state that ‘a fish hooked or entangled on more than one line’ will disqualify a catch. However, we do not make rulings on tournaments, only world records. Therefore, it would be up to the tournament officials to determine if they thought it violated the intent of the tournament/IGFA rules.

IGFA Rule Book: Rules Explained:

Two Strikes And You’re Out!

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
Position: IGFA Rules Committee

This question ran in ISSUE 77 of BlueWater magazine: FEB / MARCH 2010

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