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Two-hook Livebait Attachment


Two Hook Rig

Instead of bridling my livebaits for trolling, I have developed a system of attaching two hooks, of different sizes, together. I then hook the baitfish with the smaller of the two hooks, so the larger hook is exposed. This allows me to quickly ‘bridle’ my livebait without messing around with the rigging floss and needle. Is this rig IGFA-legal?


Absolutely, yes. As you stated, this is essentially the same as bridling your bait, which is IGFA-legal as long as the hook is not more than a hook’s length in front of the bait. In this case, you would measure the larger of the two hooks. Additionally, these hooks are more than a hooks length apart, which again is compliant with the IGFA rules.

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Two-hook Livebait Attachment

Answer supplied by: Jack Vitek
Position: IGFA World Records Coordinator

This question ran in ISSUE 115 of BlueWater magazine: FEB / MARCH 2016

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