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Tandem Hook Rig For Billfish Flies


Tandem hook rig for billfish flies

When fly fishing for gamefish, I know that the IGFA allows tandem hook flies, and that the distance between the eyes of the two hooks can be no more than six inches. I also understand that IGFA rules for fly fishing only allow 12 inches of shock tippet –measured from the eye of the uppermost hook to the single strand of the line-class tippet.

Would the following ‘tandem hook’ billfish fly configuration be considered IGFA legal? The eyes of the two hooks are just less than six inches apart and the attached shock tippet extends 11.5 inches from the eye of the first hook. However, the bend of the first hook has been cut off so that only the second hook is functional.


This fly configuration would not be IGFA compliant. The first hook has been cut at the bend so it is effectively no longer a hook. As a result, the total shock tippet length, as measured to the eye of the second (and only functional) hook, is 17.5 inches, which exceeds the IGFA maximum of 12 inches.

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Tandem Hook Rig For Billfish Flies

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
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