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Rigging A Circle Hook With Lures

IGFA Rules Update about Rigging Circle Hook with Lures

Rigging a Circle Hook With Lures

In March 2008, IGFA was contacted by a member of the fishing media regarding the legality of rigging a circle hook in front of a bait/lure combo. The issue was reviewed by the IGFA Rules and Records Committee and the subsequent wording for a rule change was approved by the committee.

The new wording for the rule is:

The rig is IGFA-compliant because it does not give the angler an unsporting advantage and because the hook precedes the bait/lure and should thus not be considered a dangling hook.

Current IGFA rules for lures stipulate that a trailing hook may not extend more than a hook’s length beyond the skirt material. For the sake of consistency, the IGFA rule has been amended to include that: The hooks may not precede bait, lure or bait/lure combo by more than one hook’s length.

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Rigging A Circle Hook With Lures

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