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Mini Fighting-chairs


Battle saddle

I’m seeing a number of mini fighting-chairs such as Release Marine’s ‘Battle Saddle’ on smaller gameboats these days. Are they IGFA legal?


The use of a ‘battle station’ or mini fighting-chair in which the angler stands behind a rotating gimbal cup, or leans against, or sits semi-standing in a seat with a gimbal cup but no footrest – such as the Battle Saddle – can be IGFA-legal, but only if the angler takes all pressure on the outfit and no restraining devices are attached between the chair and the rod or reel.

The use of the restraining straps – as shown in this picture of the Battle Saddle – would disqualify the catch according to IGFA rules because the rod is attached directly to the chair, which can remove all physical pressure from the angler during the fight. IGFA rules state that a harness may be used as long as it attaches the angler to the reel or rod, not the fighting chair to the reel or rod. IGFA’s rules also state that resting the rod in a rodholder, on the gunwale of the boat, or any other object while playing the fish, will disqualify the catch.

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Mini Fighting-chairs

Answer supplied by: Jack Vitek
Position: IGFA World Records Coordinator

This question ran in ISSUE 96 of BlueWater magazine: MARCH / APRIL 2013

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