IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) Rules Explained

Local Laws Also Apply


Local laws also apply

I was recently fishing and caught a fish that is heavy enough to beat the current IGFA line class record. Unfortunately, after weighing the fish I discovered that this particular species was illegal to harvest at the time, due to a closed season in those waters. However, since the fish was caught according to IGFA angling rules, can I still apply for an IGFA record?


The short answer to your question is no. The IGFA world record requirements state: “The catch must not be at variance with any laws or regulations governing the species or the waters in which it was caught”.

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Local Laws Also Apply

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
Position: IGFA Rules

This question ran in ISSUE 92 of BlueWater magazine: JUL / AUG 2012

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