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Is A Multiple Catch IGFA-legal?


Is A Multiple Catch IGFA Legal?

In the unusual, but occasional, circumstance that two fish are caught at the same time on the one lure or bait (that is rigged with two hooks), are both fish eligible for point-scoring in an IGFA-sanctioned tournament? And, if one of the fish was big enough, would it be eligible for an IGFA record?


I can only speak to the record side of this question. There is nothing in IGFA rules that specifically states that it is a disqualification for two fish to be caught on a single lure.  Indeed, our rules for bait fishing allow two separate hooks on individual drops (often used in bottom-fishing), which gives an angler an opportunity to catch two fish at one time. 

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Is A Multiple Catch IGFA-legal?

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
Position: IGFA Rules Committee

This question ran in ISSUE 76 of BlueWater magazine: DEC / JAN 2010

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