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Incorporating Attractors On A Lure Leader


Attractrors on a Lure Leader

On calm days when a little extra is required to draw attention to a lure, I like to add a few splashing squids to my lure leader as a teaser. I do this by crimping short, monofilament branch lines to the main lure-leader, with hookless squid lures or flashers dangling on each end. This creates a daisy-chain effect with the main lure (and the only hook) situated at the tail end of the rig.

Since the artificial squids are, in effect, teaser ‘lures’ and since the hook (in the real lure at the tail end of the rig) is well outside of the teaser lures’ skirts, would this break the rule regarding hook placement in lures? Is this rig IGFA-legal, or would it disqualify a world-record claim?


The answer to this question depends on things such as what species you are fishing for and the number and size of the squid teasers. The IGFA allows the use of daisy chains such as this, as long as they do no not unfairly hamper or inhibit the normal swimming or fighting ability of the fish. Three to five 8-inch squid attached to your leader would be acceptable for large, powerful pelagic fish such as tuna and billfish, but may not be acceptable for a small species that happens to get hooked. In cases like this, the IGFA retains the right to determine whether or not the teasers unfairly altered the fish’s ability to fight.

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Incorporating Attractors On A Lure Leader

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
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