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Human Outrigger Clip


Human Outrigger Clip

We sometimes troll with very large live baits that are too strong for our outrigger clips.  Can a crewmember act as a human outrigger by holding the line until the fish takes the bait? The crewman would release the line as soon as the fish strikes.



This situation is permissible, as long as the crewmember releases the line just as the fish strikes the bait. Holding on to the line after the strike or setting the hook by hand would be a definite IGFA rule infraction and would disqualify the catch.

IGFA Rule Book: Rules Explained:

Human Outrigger Clip

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
Position: IGFA Rules

This question ran in ISSUE 82 of BlueWater magazine: DEC / JAN 2011

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