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How Far Can The Hook Extend?


How Far Can The Hook Extend?

I prefer to use a two-hook rig for both my trolling lures and billfish flies, but I am unsure about how far my trailing hook can extend in relation to the material on my lure or fly. Is it correct that if at least part of the trailing hook is enclosed in the material of the lure or fly, I am IGFA-legal?


The answer for this question varies from trolling lure to fly. The IGFA’s rules state that for skirted trolling lures, “the trailing hook may not extend more than a hook’s length beyond the skirt of the lure”. This means that as long as some part of the hook is within the skirts – perhaps only the eye – it complies. However, the IGFA’s rules for fly fishing are different and state that: “the second hook in any tandem-hook fly must not extend beyond the wing material”.

Therefore, when using a trolling lure, it is legal for your trailing hook to be only partially enclosed within the skirt. However, when fly fishing, the trailing hook must be completely enclosed in the ‘wing’ material of the fly.

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How Far Can The Hook Extend?

Answer supplied by: Jack Vitek
Position: IGFA World Records Coordinator

This question ran in ISSUE 99 of BlueWater magazine: SEPT / OCT 2013

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